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D with delight and immediately bought itThis book is why I read all I could about Hatshepsut Why I tried and failed to secure the chat name Hatshepsut on IRC This book made me read The Divine Comedy and The PrinceThis book made me cry with aching loss at its end TwiceWhich is pretty amazing as I re read it because this book is partially a ot mess There are 80000 characters and five books of missing backstory I didn t realize until Goodreads itself informed me that this book was actually part of a series And it s number freaking SIXHalf the book is swirling action seuences POV changes all over the place Allusions to allusions to allusions Oh and it Arise helps to read the appendix on Roman Names and Latin Phrases ProdiI think young me derived pleasure than confusion from not uite understanding everything It gave the book this cache of being an Tome of Arcane Knowledge while simultaneously being a straight up action romp and Tragedy of Julius Caesar fanfic It definitelyelped I think that I Archies Americana, Vol. 1 had read that firstAs an adult I cared about understanding everything and so I was tripped up freuently andad to re read and pause and check Wikipedia because I wanted to know if that was a real The Book Thief historical figure or not Also I was mildly irritated that Klea is so girly This woman ran a kingdom yo She should be tougher Though she does pull through in the end I wanted Hatshepsut I wanted female characters full stop I wanted non western characters I was outright pissed that the Viet Cong are a faceless. And Hatshepsut can interact freely in the midst ofigh tech warfare and seething political intrigues And then Brutus shows up som.

Enemy never on screen never individualized I wanted to see Vietnamese main characters all right Maybe they are in other books but I kind of doubt it There is a lot of Whitewashing Western Centric Patriarchal Lens going on It felt progressive in 1990 Rather the opposite today Um signs we re making progressSO all that caveated I still enjoyed this book like it was porn and would probably knock over an old lady to get at a copy of the direct seuel because I want MORE of Julius and Brutus as loving father and son gods damn it The strength of the book is in bringing these epic characters to life and letting them be epic Of course Niccolo Machievelli is the smartest smarty who ever smarted and Hatshepsut is the stone coldest betty Julius is strong and Augustus is loyal and Antonius ah sweet Antoni But if I can flirt with spoilers Talk to Me here the book s main pull and draw what kept me breathlessly wanting to race through each scene was the promise of a particular scene that NEVER HAPPENS GAAAAAAAAAAAHSomeone find me book 7 This book is part of a multi author series And I think I mayave to Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, hunt the rest down at some point because it was just fun enough to keep me pouring over it much too late into the nightThe premise is that everyone whoas died and ended up in Hell will find a place there and those who Educating for the New World Order had influence overistory Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock have a stronger position in Hell Old enemies may become allies or old allies friends as political currents flow backwards and forwards The millennia in Hell change Ehow lacking a few vital memories ofis life mainly a bloody March 15th Politics and war The Character Of An Upright Man history and essef this bookas all of it.

Entertaining not too serious book based on the idea that all those Mr. Malcolms List historical figures who ended up inell must be doing something down there Ok the premise sounds really GURPS Conspiracy X hokey but somehow she makes it work The author s background in ancientistory obviously Just One Golden Kiss helps in this series Lots of fun and youave to love the HatsepshutCleo duo Hell Book 6 Love this series The Tyranny of Guilt historical and fictional characters meet in HellReread 2018 This book is a compilation from other books with bridge stories The book is about Julius Caesar and collects all the stories so far aboutim and Phantom Encounters his family and companions and then fills in all the details between stories The premise is that this novel takes place in Hell where all the great figures ofistory are still alive and fighting each other for power or against a Central Authority who is all powerful and malevolent Things feel pretty 1980s America but the word is you can use as much technology as you believe in So Caesar who can t uite accept man walking on the moon wears 1960s combat fatigues whereas Hatshepsut who Eat Your Way Through the USA has no trouble believing anything wears semi transparent cat suits with glowing lights and wields a tiny pistol that disintegrates fleshIt s a great world offering up lots of chances for all your favoriteistorical figures to ang out by the pool together or charge across tennis courts in jeeps with the Hunish Polo TeamThis was my favorite novel in High School So much my favorite that when I saw a copy at the local used book shop I sueale. Essef What book could be fascinating than one about a Hell in which Julius Caesar Cleopatra Mark Antony Machiavelli Napoleon Ramses.

Currently resident in Spokane Washington CJ Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel photography reef culture Mariners baseball and a late passion figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began