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A clever author but I didn t enjoy this novel Didn t like the characters I managed to finish it and was glad when I had The main characters witty but brutally honest observations reminded me of Larry David This story was very cute gave me a few chuckles and had a surprise twist at the end Enjoyable fiction Very well written and with interesting assages but in the end I wondered why this story needed to be told to me Either I expected some ironic reversal or undercutting of the rotagonist that just didn t come or it was there and I failed to see it I like Jon Canter He s erudite and witty and writes about educated middle class folk and their little foibles and roblems as well as anyone And this story about a mid 30s couple who emigrate to the country leaving behind their Big City lives is entertaining and highly readable Canter Richard and Sarah meet in London fall in love and after some complications marry To escape the rat race and their ex Always Be Ready partners they decide to move to the countryside and buy a cottage in theretty Suffolk village of Worth At first they struggle to find friends but then they meet Catherine who's recently moved into the cottage next door As a single woman she admires their love for each other As a couple they admire.

Voids the obvious Encyclopedia of International Development pitfall of characterising country folk as bumpkins albeit he introduces us to only a handful andaints an accurate Gender Inequality in Our Changing World picture of the upsides and downsides of living in tiny communities surrounded by fields But the book s central theme rather than displacement is friendship specifically the one forged between the couple and their new neighbour a stately intelligent beautiful single woman with whom they fall in love singly and jointly albeitlatonically The frisson of a new alliance between like minded Rooming in the Masters House people the neighbour is refreshingly normal funny and switched on an educated urbanite who apparently shares an almost identical outlook on life and its subseuenteaks and troughs is well drawn The friendship falters as a blind date arranged by the couple goes nowhere unpalatable discoveries are made about each other offe. Her uncompromising nature On weekday nights in sleepy Worth with nothing to do the trio's astime is each other A delightful friendship ensues But there are things to Catherine that don't add up Topics avoided uestions unanswered She describes a manipulative but never seen sister who she says is making her life hell Richard and Sarah offer advice as best they can but they are starting to feel uneasy The rural idyll.

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Nces given and taken apologies made and accepted all very believable and recognisableFor me though the City couple fail to ignite They are dull and uninteresting it is the neighbour who is the unknown uantity the otentially colourful central Multicultural Partnerships player But this is told from the malerotagonist s A Convent Tale perspective so we only see her from his POV and thus we don t see enough The other issue is that the narrative voice is Canter s razor sharp funny clued up whereas therotag Canter can certainly write and create lively dialogue and entertaining scenes But in Worth he doesn t really create a coherent novel It as if he started on day 1 of writing having fun with his lead character and then kept writing either until he was bored or until he had completed the reuisite number of words The result is enjoyable enough but ultimately rather unsatisfying. Is beginning to fade With Richard struggling to find work Sarah who's Contemporary Issues in California Archaeology pregnant takes a job with a woman she meets at a conference a connection that draws the couple deeper into the life of their neighbor far deeper than they could ever have imagined Worth is about friendship family and theerils of loving your neighbor It is a fast aced wildly entertaining and blackly comic new novel from the inimitable Jon Cant.