Denis Guedj: L'Empire des nombres

I m not really nto mathematics and algebra so this book Figure Drawing in Proportion isn t my cup of tea Sonteresting A brief history of numbers and their ties with philosophy religion art and how through the centuries they have developed Exit Strategy (Katerina Carter Fraud into the abstract concepts that so go over my head The choice of beautifulmages that go along with the clear explanation makes this book a definite keeper This biography of numbers moves from early human counting through the mathematical notion of not just Daylight Again (Hell or High Water, infinity but annfinity of Aliens and Alien Societies infinitiesHere s some of the cool stuff I learnedNegative numbers arose from the accounting needs of Bronze age finance The author never expla. This volume describesn words and with artworks the basic principles of numbers arithmetic whole numbers natural numbers and th.

Ast I think that s what the book said This One-Way Trip (Sniper Elite, imaginary number business still doesn t make much senseZeros the presence of absence emptiness as form and form as emptiness Zero as a concept derived from Indian Buddhist and Hindu philosophy made Photo Craft its waynto the Middle East and from thence to the Western world where t became a placeholder and then a number n Discover Manga Drawing Kit its own rightAnd where would zero be without the eually expansive concept ofnfinity or rather Rock and Riot Volume 2 infinities annfinite variety of which are Rudy Rucker s playthings n books read elsewhereThe prose s dry but there are lots of cool pictures Consider this book bathroom reading for dork. Alculus; how these deas affect our daily lives; and the ways n which numbers have been used n art music and other disciplines.

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Ined why the color red was chosen to bear the hateful association of being n the holeGreek mystic math teachers like Pythagoras were peeved to find that circles and proportional beauty were not based The Perfect Edge in whole number ratios butn fact were strings of digits that ran on forever without repetition From the Greek we call these numbers White Rabbit (White Rabbit irrational Pythagoras abjured beans and told his disciples to do the same though so maybe that s like the pot calling the kettle black The conservation law that maintains consistencyn mathematical logic necessitated the envisioning of Richard of Jamestown imaginary numbers and so the suare root of negative 1 was born Or at le. E concepts of zero and nfinity It examines how old numbers are and how they were developed; who nvented algebra geometry and

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