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Earlier books became prominent in the finale and some other annoying aspects grew to really frustrate me I hated how longwinded his scenic descriptions became Pages and pages of self indulgent set dressing He was in love with his world building And worse than the not uite there artificiality of the central relationship there was a kind of sappy uality to the main romance that really drove me off the cliff How many times can I stand to read my Beloved Ugh Combined with the sex sceneswhich I had disliked in the early books too It s extremely difficult to write a sex scene and not come across as pornographic A writer needs to have a uniue voice and a strong original point of view to pull them off The weightless sex scene in Book 4just dreadful Also the main character was so obtuse and the delay of communication between him and Aenea drove me nuts Simmons clearly and intentionally made Raul oblivious and obtuse and further invented reasons why Aenea had to withhold information from him to postpone the big reveals until the end It was incredibly frustrating especially because several of the big secrets were obvious I found myself speed reading through much of the text ust to get to the plot points Not goodIn the end I m glad that I read Book 4 in order to find out how the entire story came together But Simmons really needed an editor to crack the whip on this last installment of an otherwise epic science fiction narrative 4 out of 5 stars for Book 3 2 out of 5 stars for Book 4 I survivedAs I ve reported in my previous reviews of this series there were times where it seemed as if my gray matter was going to be permanently fried by this epic sci fi story I finally got through to the end with most of my marbles still in the bag they came inIt s almost impossible to give a summary of this without spoiling the previous book so I ll ust say that Aenea and Raul Endymion continue their interstellar ourney to fulfill her ultimate destiny as the powerful forces of a corrupted Catholic Church and the artificial intelligences of the TechnoCore try to stop them by increasingly desperate means Oh and the mysterious and deadly time traveling Shrike continues to pop upThis isn t Backfire (Mountain Cove just your standard sci fi space opera about a chosen on THE RISE OF ENDYMION is the fourth and final volume of Dan Simmons Hyperion saga and the conclusion of the storyline begun in ENDYMION I only plodded through that book because I wanted to reach the end and with THE RISE OF ENDYMION even that motivation almost dried upThe problems are legion The book is overlong with huge sections thatust serve no legitimate purpose such as Raul s time in the Temple Hanging in Air Simmons extends his work as much as he can to give it an epic feel but it ends up seeming boring and goofyRaul s love for Aenea continues to border on pedophilia for the first few hundred pages of the work and then it graduates to simple obsession if only because she s grown up This whole piece of the story which is in fact a huge chunk of the story is utterly unconvincing If Aenea is the messiah one would think Raul would have better things to do than get Catacomb jealous over her past and feel all suishy inside whenever she s aroundThe resolution of the conflict is given a few scant pages probably because Simmons spent too much time on high faultin philosophy and Raul s sexual tension The book s structure is simply awful Plus Simmons causes the reader to have wasted reading the first two books in the series by dismissing the words of Ummon in THE FALL OF HYPERION as a lieArgh This book is simply awful I d recommend the first two books in the Hyperion saga but stay well away from ENDYMION and THE RISE OF ENDYMION After four years on Old Earth Raul Endymion resumes the voyage on the river Tethys to find the Consul s ship Meanwhile Aenea leaves Old Earth behind to find her destiny In addition to hunting for the One Who Teaches The Pax launches a Crusade to wipe out the Ouster menace once and for all Will Aenea fulfill her destiny and end the Pax s reign once and for allI have to admit I was skeptical for the first half of this book It wasn t urination inducing good like the first two and I actually liked it less than Endymion for at least half of it Then Raul incurred the time debt and things really kicked into high gear The plot came togerther and by the end it surpassed Endymion Everything ran its course from Aenea to the cruciforms to farcastingLike the other books there s not a whole lot of the plot I can divulge without spoiling things However I will say that I enjoyed the tale s conclusion and loved learning about the Ousters and their habitat De Soya continued his development into one of my favorite characters in the Cantos view spoilerAlso I was surprised as hell to see Fehdman Kassad and Het Masteen again I was hoping Simmons would touch upon the Templars again and he surpassed my expectations Hell were Brawne and Sol the only pilgrims that didn t make appearances hide spoiler The Rise of Endymion is the fourth and last of the full length Hyperion Cantos novels by Dan Simmons It is a well written exciting thought provoking and wistful conclusion to one of my favorite series As I finished reading it memories of watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time on my grandmother s 15 RCA television the kind set into a wooden cabinet ran through my mind Little Mr Windup Bird so sad that he couldn tump into the television and go on an adventure with Dorothy Toto The Tin Man The Cowardly Lion and The Scarecrow The whole family watched television together in those days Grandpa sitting in the big armchair smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey Grandma sitting on her favorite couch Me with my eyes glued to the screen Is that what Aenea meant by learning the voices of the dead She certainly invoked some voices from my pastHyperion cantos is a very special series It has all the wonderous settings high adventure and intrigue one would expect from a science fantasy adventure but it also has the courage to state some very bold opinions on some of life s profound uestions Simmons is brutally honest in sharing his views on the nature of religion love technology faith government closed mindedness and many monolithic issues The opinions he puts forward in addition to being bold are well thought out and above all empathetic We are treated to a complex and mature world view that doesn t rely on binary beliefs or dole out high handed punishment to the bad guys Hyperion Cantos is above all a triumph of diversity and acceptance Something we could use a little of in the real world I thinkAll of the main characters going back to the first book are well developed interesting and organic Even in a series that deals Sa y siempre incierta colaboración del misterioso Alcaudón En un maravilloso y sorprendente tour de force Dan Simmons concluye el inigualado universo especulativo iniciado en Hyperion con el mismo ritmo intensidad emotiva ue mostró en títulos como la inolvidable Los vampiros de la mente Novela finalista del premio Hugo 1998.

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The scene where Corporal Bassin Kee is undergoing torture at the hands of the Grand Inuisitor who uses a machine that simulates crushed testicles and hot wire behind right eye in the victim s brain that s a good approximation of the experience I had reading this book There s Dan Simmons sitting at his desk finger poised over a computer keyboard In the place of letters each key has a different literary torture moldy info dump forced down throat insufferable protagonist buzzes on face but can t be swatted new ideas generate excitement but take off masks to reveal tired concepts from three books ago and of course sex scenes that cause genitals to shrivel If offered my choice of two options rereading this garbage or getting impaled of the Tree of Pain I d give the Shrike a big bear hug and ask for his sharpest thornDespite all the pain the book itself caused it was my own mind that broke me in the end I have to live with the knowledge that my torturer was none other than Dan Simmons the same man who wrote Hyperion one of the top sci fi novels of the last three decades and a personal favorite Oh the agony This book could have been half the length and I would have been thrilledToo much philosophizing Too much useless description too much exposition of the science behind why the characters were able to do what they did The plot twist if it was meant to be one was pretty damned obvious immediatelyAgain de Soya was much compelling than any of the major characters and he s relegated to an even less important role in this book SO DISAPPOINTING He may be one of my favorite characters encountered in my recent reading adventuresI am glad I read this ust so I could learn how the story ended Endymion did leave a decent number of loose ends but again I would have been so happy if it had been shorterIf you don t want to waste your time reading this and parts of it are good really but you have to wade through a lot of garbage to get to those parts but you read Endymion and want to know how it ends I will gladly spoil the plot for you SeriouslyEdit 122011 I had to come back and remove another star simply because I remembered how ridiculous the whole view spoilerkidney stone hide spoiler Finally I have finished the entire Hyperion Cantos the series than began with the all time sci fi classic Hyperion almost concluded in The Fall of Hyperion launched a second arc in Endymion and ends here with The Rise of Endymion These last two books read like a duology than the third and fourth installations of a series The Cantos is often discussed in PrintSF my sci fi books discussions online community The second half of the series tend to be uite polarizing Some people love it some say it is disappointing one reader even calls it a bad fan fiction of the first two books The Goodreads average rating for these last two books however indicate that they are uite well liked by the majority In my opinion they are well worth reading if you like Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion but they are not sf classics like these earlier books This is not one of those series that can be read out of seuence in fact The Rise of Endymion continues directly from the previous volume Endymion After narrowly escaping capture by the Pax church state and their secret partner the insidious and malevolent mega AI entity the TechnoCore our heroes the messianic Aenea and Raul Endymion have settled down on Old Earth ust Earth to us for a few years That is until one day Aenea instructs Raul to go on an interminable mission to pick up their spaceship which they left on another planet in the previous book and bring it to her at a preprogrammed destination After finally reuniting with great difficulty they travel to the planet where the Pax run Vatican is located and confront the Pax and the evil AIThere are uite a few edge of the seat thrilling scenes in this book especially those involving the killer super cyborgs T 1000 like Nemes Scylla and the other one The eually formidable Shrike from all the previous books is also present to challenge these whippersnapper cyborgs However the book is not a thrill ride all the way as Raul s solo adventure to reclaim their Consul s Ship drags at time though he did get to meet some wonderful characters and cultures on the way The climax is suitably epic and mystical and the events that follow wrap up the entire Cantos nicely I did see the twist at the end from miles away though if you have read this book I d love to know if did the sameAwesome Russian cover I have had it with this motherfuckin Shrike on this motherfuckin raft Dan Simmons prose is always great to read slipping into lyrical mode from time to time with the odd and very odd poems The characterization is the main strength of this book the protagonists and antagonists are all very well drawn The sci fi aspect of it is not so mind boggling now as they were mostly featured in the previous books Some of the new sci fi elements border on fantasy such as FTL traveling by foot through a sort of hyperspace shortcut Not to mention all the chosen one and messianic tropes In fact Aenea reminds me a lot of Paul Muad Dib from Dune All of the mysteries from the previous books including the origin and nature of the Shrike are explained to the displeasure of some fans who prefer them to be left unexplained The book is also very romantic optimistic and yet kind of tragicI am glad I have finished the entire series but the first two books classic Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion remain two of my all time favorites which I would like to reread some day I enjoyed Endymion and The Rise of Endymion but I am not likely to reread them In a galaxy far far away the Large Magellanic Cloud 160000 light years from Sol and over 1000 years in the future there lived two fugitives devoted lovers Raul Endymion of Hyperion and the new messiah Aenea a product of human and nonhuman parents The strange thing is they reside on Old Earth somehow our planet has been poached there by AI artificial intelligence some are immensely evil Still the couple is happy a uiet peaceful existence after a titanic struggle for survival but this hiatus of four years will not last an unknown destiny awaits themEarthlings have long built stupendous spaceships that can surpass light speed and have scattered throughout the Milky Way inhabiting hundreds of planets the starry heavens shine down on the bright exotic structures and newly erected modern cities roads and oceans full of vehicles and boats people transforming dead worlds into lively lands bringing animals and plants from home Yet human nature remains the same greed the uest for power glory wealth can never be completely extinguished but the good will always try to change thisRaul go. Cuando el papa Julio XIV muere y resucita la Hegemonía se ha convertido ya en una teocracia regida por Pax la organización cívico militar de la iglesia católica Gracias al uso y control del paraíso cruciforme la iglesia ofrece la inmortalidad en la vida terrena y la nueva fe deviene universal Aliada con las inteligencias

Es away alone on a puzzling mission at Aenea s reuest via the Farcaster portal and with Dirty Secrets just a few detours one a giant gas planet he falls literally into mile after mile he descends in an endless atmosphere with only his entirely unsuitable kayak and parachute growing hungry and thirsty this chilling interminable drop continues days pass the air becoming not breathable unwanted clouds a constant companion curious weird menacing transparent creatures appearno land is observed underneath He awakes to the mountain world of T ien Shan his destination a planet resembling Tibet Buddhist monks pagodas and a new Dalai Lama a boy of eight Aenea arrived earlier and the angry tortured man soon calms his great love for Aenea will never stop She an amateur architect is building a structure for the monks high above in a mountain peak the poisonous clouds lurk below but they can never stay the brutal Pax rulers of the galaxy will pursue the two wherever they travel she is dangerous to them Nemes the machine made to destroy her is here the fierce unstoppable robot has brought two siblings nobody can defeat them a miracle occurs the mighty Shrike monster a mysterious friend comes and battles these things a short opportunity to flee arises as the tumultuous brawl goes on Stepping off the ledge Raul and Aenea glide in the air with their artificial wings high above the never seen ground many miles under any mistake will plunge them into the deadly nearby gas clouds or treacherous mountain cliffs but the thrill of flying like birds soaring and diving seeing new sights that are indescribably beautiful and intoxicating pure ecstasy in fact as long as it is possible to remain there but they need to reach a distant village soon in order to escape time is running outThe last of the enchanting entertaining and electrifying series for any sci fi fan they will enjoy it I did Aye on the shores of darkness there is lightAnd precipices show untrodden green There is a budding morrow in midnight There s a triple sight in blindness keenI don t think I ll be able to review this one properly and as it s the fourth and last book I hardly think I ll be able to influence anyone to read the series or not either waySo all I have to say is that I ve really enjoyed thisourney Dan Simmons has allowed me to go on in the countless worlds of his Hyperion Cantos This book had its downsides but it was a worthy conclusion to what is now one of my favourite sci fi series This review is for both Endymion book 3 in the Hyperion Cantos tetrology and Rise of Endymion which is book 4 If you have not read Books 1 and 2 take a look at my review here first I was a big fan of Books 1 and 2 but I m split right down the middle on Books 3 and 4 Book 3 was a thrilling sci fi adventure ride but Book 4 drove me up a wall Different kind of ride The following review probably won t make much sense or be worth reading unless you are familiar with Books 1 and 2 or my previous review And I will advise you to stop here if you have any interest in Books 1 2 because while I will avoid spoilers for 3 4 I can t help including spoilers from 1 2 entirelyWe arrive in Book 3 almost 300 years after the end of Book 2 The story begins on the world of Hyperion but has very little to do with that planet thereafter By the end of Book 4 we know bits and pieces of the fates of the various characters from Books 1 and 2 Some than others but by the end we get enough to feel like their stories are relatively closed The story primarily centers around two new characters One is the daughter of Brawne Lamia and the cybrid John Keats who we ve been told is The One Who Teaches orthe new messiah The second character is her protector when she is young and then lover when she is oldershe ages faster than him due to some faster than light travel sleight of hand Raul Endymion They also have an android sidekick named A BettickIn this leap forward in time the human galaxy is no longer dependent on the Technocore and has rejected the advantages provided by this AI community which had been manipulating human civilization for its own purposes in Books 1 2 but as such have lost their ability to essentially teleport via farcasters as well as FTL communication systems We learn that human civilization has now fallen under control of a theocratic dictatorship run by the reinvigorated Catholic Church The church controls a sprawling military force as well as mercantile corporations Their control was established by finding a way to provide eternal life to all who accept the church the cruciform from Books 1 and 2 Once accepted the cruciform will rebuild the brain and body even after death This power to bestow resurrection or take it away has given the church control of the empire In Books 1 and 2 the cruciform causes decreased mental acuity with each rebirth until one is barely a living automaton but the church somehow figured out how to fix that issue so that the rebirth bestows full personality and mind back againAenea Raul and Bettick are essentially on a mission to break this control over human society and convince humanity to reject the cruciform They are on the run from the church and its military as well as other sinister forces within the church There are numerous competing agendas and motives going on behind the scenes to which we are not initially privyBook 3 keeps up the frenetic pace of Books 1 2 It s a thrilling suspenseful race to survive and keep moving to the next planet in their A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue journey Each setting is distinct and provides new challenges Simmons does a greatob keeping up the tension and the reader s fear for the characters livesBook 4 is where it fell apart for me The forward momentum dies and the story becomes excessively maudlin and self indulgent Props for tying together most if not all of the loose ends Yes bravo on the brilliant plot twists that Simmons has worked in to the narrative and then resolved in Book 4 However boo for the editing weak characters and maudlin emotionsFirst of all despite the fact that we have spent roughly 1200 pages with Raul and Aenea and reveled in Raul s obsession with her hair light brown with blond highlights if you care to know I never really saw the connection that made them fall in love They were together a lot and they were both stubborn and strong willed but other than that it was basically Jazz Funeral just appearance and proximity that seemed to bring them together His mindless devotion to her certainly contributed but they really didn t seem to connect Simmonsust didn t have the writing chops to create the believable illusion of two people falling in love But that is ust the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my issues with Book 4Some of the ualities that nagged at me in the. Rtificiales del tecnonúcleo Pax sólo ha de temer la llegada de un nuevo Mesías Y este Mesías existe es Aenea la hija del cíbrido John Keats ue se ha refugiado durante casi trescientos años en las Tumbas del Tiempo de Hyperion Junto con Raul Endymion y el androide de piel azul A Bettik Aenea deberá huir de Pax con la dudo.

Dan Simmons grew up in various cities and small towns in the Midwest including Brimfield Illinois which was the source of his fictional Elm Haven in 1991's SUMMER OF NIGHT and 2002's A WINTER HAUNTING Dan received a BA in English from Wabash College in 1970 winning a national Phi Beta Kappa Award during his senior year for excellence in fiction journalism and art Dan received his Master