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Ow Cape Verde is an island nation an archipelago off the coast of Africa at about the point where the continent projects furthest into the Atlantic It was uninhabited until the Portuguese started using it as a trading port I learn from Wikipedia and the population is largely of mixed European and African originThat history may explain why it feels like a book from Latin America than from Africa I would be hard pressed to explain exactly what I mean by that a sense that the European cultural influence is deeply embedded is part of it although I can t immediate articulate what makes me say that It may be no than the fact that the book is full of names like Senhor da Silva Ara jo of courseThe book tells the story of a self made local businessman it starts with the reading of his will which reveals unexpected news and moves back and forward through his life building up into complex portrait It s short 151 pages but nicely written wryly humorous and open to the absurdities as well as the tragedies of the human condition In this novella a rich businessman Napumoceno da Silva Araujo has just died leaving a surprising will everyone assumed the straitlaced old bachelor led an abstemious life but it turns out he had his share of sexcapades The book is set in Cape Verde an island nation off the west coast of Africa but fittingly perhaps as the islands were first settled by the Portuguese reads like a Latin American novel than an Afri. Ut when Señor da Silva's 387 page Last Will and Testament is read aloud; a marathon task on a hot afternoon which exhausts reader after reader; there's eye opening news and not just for the smug nephew so certain of inheriting all Señor da Silva's property With his will Señor da Silva leaves a memoir that is a touching web of elaborate self deceptions He desired so ardently to prosper to be taken seriously to join perhaps if they'll have him the exclusive Grémio country club and most of all to be a good man And yet shady deals twists of

Can one with its Portuguese names single paragraphs that span multiple pages and obsessive focus on OMG SEXThe story is told mostly through Napumoceno s eyes relating the events of his life as he wrote about them We also see Maria his secret illegitimate daughter as she learns about the man she never new was her father and befriends the nephew who d assumed himself to be the heir There is not any strong plotline to provide an organizing principle for these reminisces The translation is fluid though the writing isn t always as clear as it could be The characters get some development but never really grabbed me though there are a couple of good scenes The writing is not especially visual but does provide some sense of the society in Cape Verde in the middle decades of the twentieth century One particular episode bears mentioning Maria is the daughter of Napumoceno s one time cleaning lady who one day happens to be wearing a skirt in Napumoceno s favorite color Unable to restrain himself he pounces on and rapes her despite her resistance I couldn t make this stuff up y all She s not happy but by the next day she is totally over it and they then have a consensual relationship I have to say I am having trouble thinking of anything grosser in literature than books by men portraying women who don t mind being rapedSo though the opening initially grabbed me I can t recommend this one On to something better and good riddance to it. Ate an illegitimate child such is the lot of poor self critical Señor da Silva A bit like Calvino's Mr Palomar in his attention to protocol and in his terror of life's passions; a bit like Svevo's Zeno a little pompous a little old fashioned and often hapless Señor da Silva moves along a deliciously blurry line between farce and tragedy a self important buffoon becomes a fully human even tragic figure in the arc of this hilarious and touching novel translated into Spanish German French Italian Dutch Norwegian Swedish and now at last English.

I think what I appreciated most about this book was the style and the language The person would shift from third narrator to first whoever the narrator was talking about mid paragraph and there was something about that style that led to a really interesting fluidity to the prose The story itself is not that compelling There is also a rape scene mid novel that made me unsure I really wanted to continue with the story simply because of how casually it was handled by the author as casually as describing any other action in the novel I read this book with little The Adventures of Rusty knowledge of Cape Verde and would have perhaps gotten out of it with a deeper cultural context to the story but I m not convinced Bookray wwwbookcrossingcomjournal7416296 Received 16th February 2011I found this a sad story of a man who basically wasted all the chances in his life to find himself happiness by not acting on his feelings or acting too late He could have married Dona Chica and had a happy family life but was too worried about his reputation He did chase the lady from Dakar but she left him with uite another legacy which he also delayed dealing with He missed his moment with Dona Joia postponing his letter too long and being in any case too tentative and the mysteriou The Last Will and Testament of Senhor da Silva Ara jo translated from the Portuguese by Sheila Faria Glaser is my book from Cape Verde for the Read The World challenge For those who don tn. New Directions is proud to introduce the masterwork of Cape Verde's greatest living writer Germano Almeida an ironic and original tragic comedy from a new voice in African literature Everyone in Cape Verde nows Señor da Silva Successful entrepreneur owner of the island's first automobile a most serious upright and self made businessman Señor da Silva is the local success story Born an orphan he never married he never splurged; one good suit was good enough for him; and he never wandered from the straight and narrow Or so everyone thought

Germano de Almeida nasceu na ilha da Boavista Cabo Verde em 1945 Licenciou se em Direito em Lisboa e exerce actualmente advocacia na cidade do Mindelo Estreou se como contista no início da década de 80 colaborando na revista Ponto & Vírgula A sua obra de ficção representa uma nova etapa na rica história literária de Cabo Verde Está publicada em Portugal pela Caminho e começa a despertar int