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U Maurier finalist has a reason to celebrate Her debut romance novel Fever will be released on February 28 2012 And it s a super fan freakin tastic read So prepare now for that shout out FEVER is a scorching hot debut romance novel that I loved from page one She takes a very unlikely hero an escaped lifer from San uentin and creates a character that I fell HARD for and supported whole heartedly Her heroine Alyssa is just as admirable and fierce Both are strong characters with sharp tongued dialogue with tangible emotions in every scene FEVER is a challenging read filled with the sick truth of some people s bigotry It may be hard for some readers to read But it is HONEST and imperative to this story s overall expansion Joan stays true to her characters they are not wishy washy and she does a brilliant job in creating a story that is real and riveting at the same time I simply cannot find one thing that I didn t like about this book Her secondary characters Luke and Mitch were just as charismatic and I am happy to say that Joan will be writing their stories as well Blaze Book Two of the Phoenix Rising Series will be coming in October 2012 from Kensington Brava and will be Luke Ransom s story Favorite Lines A pristine fantasy of him lying naked in the middle of a big comfortable bed with her eually as naked straddling his lap with a sexy smile on that beautiful face instead of that perpetual scowl Her hair fell forward over her shoulders as she split the foil condom wrapper with her teeth Popped the latex securely between those full lips Rolled it over his extended length with her mouth Seated it in place with a suction that made his hands clench the sheets and his body arc off the mattress p 22 ARCI did not finish reading Joan Swan s Fever It looked exciting and began with action but the first several chapters are filled with prejudice that really bothers me As a bi racial woman I find myself particularly sensitive to books which use racial slurs A couple racial epithets I can deal with but when there are even when they are part of character depiction I m insulted and turned off I don t want to now and I just want to set the book down and walk away As a matter of fact that s exactly what I did with FeverAs the book begins we are introduced to a mixed race Asian heroine who is about to examine a Caucasian male prison inmate She notices white supremacist tattoos on him and soon meets his escape partner who makes no bones about displaying his revilement of all races who are not white These are graphic descriptions We are also given vivid details of how he feels other races should be treated It is disgusting and it makes me think poorly of the hero who aligned himself with the white supremacist culture in order to survive prison I understand it was his coping mechanism but it really bothered me to see this side the hero The Unseen Wonder knowing he is going to end up in a bi racial relationship I thought about it throughout the story It made me uestion the validity of his feelings and wonder when in the future that aspect of his life was going to reemergeI eventually picked the book back up and skimmed through it I was curious tonow what happened but the damage was done early in the book The great characters that I met skimming the following chapters didn t mean suat cause the tone of the book in my mind still revolved around the two inmates I met early in the book The author The Management Bible killed the racism in a vicious way pages before I set the book down the first time and I didn t see the racism in my skimming the second time I picked up the book Yes skimming isn t really reading but I wanted tonow what happened at the endI skimmed through a sexy romantic suspense I think I could have really dug Fever had the racial slurs not been present I ve read other reviews of the book and now that I m in the minority of people who feel this way Others have gobbled the book up Don t let my opinion of Fever prevent you from reading it It s Joan Swan s debut book and the first book in her Phoenix Rising series I m hoping book two Blaze or book three Inferno will be a better hit with me Blaze comes out in October 2012 and Inferno does not yet have a release date Unfortunately I can t handle the racial slurs in this book And yes I realize they are in there to make us not like a certain character at least that is my assumption I am dnf ing after pg 50 or so Although because his character is friends with or at least tagging along with the hero he has a lot of page timeBut for me personally there is no reason to use the N word or a slur against an Asian woman in a book If you don t want me to like the character than think of a different way to do it I just can t handle language like that It really upset meOtherwise the set up for the book in the first few chapters is pretty good but I am not going to continu. Th the law and deadly undercover operatives he can only give her lies but every heated iss tells him the fire between them could be just as devastating as the flames that changed him forever.

Fever4 StarsImprisoned for a crime he did not commit Teague Creek escapes with a hostage and is on the run not only from the police but from dangerous rogue operatives who will stop at nothing to silence him once and for all Dr Alyssa Foster Sleepless (Bird of Stone, knows nothing of the man who hasidnapped her other than the fact that he awakens a deep seated need and desire within her Surely there is to this desperate bid for freedom than meets the eye A solid if rather far fetched plot appealing characters and a satisfying romance The story starts out well and builds consistently with some exciting action scenes and paranormal abilities that are smoothly interwoven within the narrative Nevertheless the conspiracy elements are underdeveloped and the last few chapters progress too rapidly with several leaps in logic that lack foundation Alyssa s stubborn determination and inuisitive nature make her a likable heroine and the fact that she doesn t uiver and cower is an additional plus While Teague starts out as a typical hard ass alpha he slowly reveals his inner vulnerability and need for someone to believe in him Their relationship develops at a believable pace and their reactions are uite realistic given the circumstancesOverall an entertaining read reminiscent of other wonderful books in the genre such as Perfect by Judith McNaught and Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare I look forward to continuing with the series Posted on Under the CoversDebut author Joan Swan takes you on a pulse pounding no holds barred suspense driven ride from beginning to endDoctor Alyssa gets caught up in a royal mess Two inmates working together have taken her from her workplace and brought her along a ride that changes the course of her life Scared beyond reason Alyssa tries to wrap her head around the situation that is happening to her I found that I really liked Alyssa She showed courage in times when I would have crawled into a ball and wept Joan does a fantastic job of evoking emotions from her characters I felt Alyssa s fear and her frustrationTeague Creek is one of the inmates who have taken Alyssa While he is the less violent of the two inmates he is still scary as hell I had a hard time liking Teague He was pushy demanding frustrating and dangerous but through the course of the book there are glimpses of another side of him The author eases the softer side of Teague slowly and when I saw these glimpses I wanted to now about him However I did have a problem with the racial slurs in this book I found it difficult to read and although it was meant to make me hate a particular character I do think there are better and effective ways to accomplish thisI mentioned earlier about feeling Alyssa frustration and what I mean by that is that Teague has several secrets that he holds back from Alyssa Not one to simply do things as she is told Alyssa stands up to Teague than once Again I have to commend her for her courage Teague is still a convict after all But whenever Alyssa was frustrated with Teague I was as well I loved that she pushed him asking him to trust her with his secrets Teague bottles things in and his frustration is evident as well when his plans don t go his way However all this is understandable because what Teague is after is very important and holds his heartIn other circumstances Alyssa and Teague would have found each other eventually But I think with this thrill ride of a story Joan Swan brings in the action and the suspense to another level making their meeting a memorable and lasting one Even in the early pages of the book you can already see the natural way Alyssa and Teague interact with one another There is also a slight paranormal element in this book Teague has a hot touch Literally However to him the gift is of a curse He doesn t now how to wield his talent so often than not he is harming someone by accident As he struggles with this gift and towards the goal he desperately seeks I grew to like Teague a little Reading about his struggles made me admire his determinationAll in all FEVER is a solid start for a new series that blends the romance and the suspense in perfect unison topping it off with a dash of the paranormalARC provided by author Debut Romantic Suspense with PNR aspects and a truly hot cover I ve had difficulty rating this book I liked it What interfered with my rating is my comparison to my fav PNR Romantic Suspense series When I put this comparison aside this clearly is a 4 star read I hope that makes senseI don t usually enjoy fugitive heroes but after reading my friend Jill s review I new I wanted to get this one From the very first page I was intrigued and didn t want to stop until the end This debut novel is not without faults but overall it ept me invested and I read it in one day Not only that I now want to read the next installment Warning During the first. When Dr Alyssa Foster is taken hostage by a prison inmate she nows she's in deep trouble Not just because Teague Creek is desperate for freedom but because the moment his fingers brush again.

Half of the book there are many racial slurs They are crude and offensive I flinched and gasped It is easily understood the reasoning behind these remarks The author is building one of the most repulsive characters read I realize the racial slang is used for the purpose of plot driven character development In this book the juxtaposition of these character s thoughts and language with that of other characters reinforce the egregious nature of hatred and racism I m not familiar at all with prison but like most everyone have read some of the things that happen there I think JS did a good job touching on the issues involving gangs racism etc and the underlying hatred that fuels their deeds Teague Creek fits easily the character from the book cover Tall incredibly muscular and totally sexy I liked him A firefighter and paramedic his world falls apart when he is wrongly convicted of murder and sent to prison for life Of course there is so much behind his convictionDr Alyssa Foster is his means of escape While performing an examination she is taken hostage by Teague She is smart persistent and a survivor and you can feel his frustration in trying to get her to cooperate I liked how the author slowly reveals his character Teague is neither trained nor skilled in undercover operations He is a survivor wrongly accused with a deep desire to escape Alyssa becomes confused nowing this man doesn t fit the criminal he has been labeled The heat between them is a slow burn The attraction is there and as they spend time together it becomes sizzling hot There were a few things here that didn t add up but in no way really detracted from the story As I mentioned I read this in a day and didn t want to put it down until the end I liked the secondary characters the PNR aspect is very interesting and the love scenes were hot I felt the ending was a little rushed but that could be just me wanting I Yummy Supper keep wanting to come back and tweek this review I think of what I wish I had added and then think nothat would give too much away Thanks Jill for another great rec I not only want Luke s story but hoping Mitch will get his too Fast paced romantic suspense with a twist of the paranormal you won t be able to put down It s another typical long day at work for Dr Alyssa Foster when a prisoner is brought into the infirmary It doesn t take long for things to go sideways The guards have been locked up and Alyssa has a chain wrapped around her neck and is being thrown into a getaway car with two escaped convicts Teague Creek has spent three years in prison for a murder he didn t commit Now he has a hostage he deems essential to his plan The police are closing in So is an organization from his past that wants him deadSomeone recommended this book to me a few years ago and I finally picked it up to give it a try I have to say I really liked it The story is mainly romantic suspense with a paranormal element It is fast paced and was very hard to put down The romance was believable and I liked both the hero and the heroine The conspiracy plot was a bit under developed But since this is the first book in the series I m sure we ll find out in the next bookThe reviews for this book are all over the place Many readers are upset by the racial slurs coming from the second escaped con This character is part of the Aryan Brotherhood and that is what I would expect from someone like that If the hero would talk like that I would have thrown the book out Thankfully he didn t I m looking forward to books in this series My rating 45 Stars Jane s status updates are proof enough that I never want to read this Here are a few gemsThe Aryan Brotherhood sidekick the hero and heroine confront a bunch of slang talking black guys who spout off cliched lines like once you go black you never go back This also treats us to porch monkeys wiggas cracka 42AB sidekick telling the dreadlocked black guys to get lost you heard him monkey meat Taz said Get the fuck out of here before he shoots your ugly black faces clean off 46Apparently it is Heroine s fault I m going to fuck the living shit out of this slant eyed cunt 49Hero is butthurt that heroine thinks that he is a convicted felon Because she should be able to look past theidnapping the hanging out w a racist asshole the fact he illed someone in front of her the threats and assume he is a good guy 130NOPE Not reading this one I debated reviewing Fever given this is a debut author and I wish nothing but the best for any aspiring writer However I also believe that reader Every once in a while I get really lucky when I discover a great book by an author that I haven t read before or a debut author who is new to everyone and I want to shout at the rooftops that I ve just finished an awesome read FEVER is that bookJoan Swan triple RWA Golden Heart finalist and a double Daphne St her skin Alyssa feels a razor sharp pang of needA man with a life sentence has nothing to lose At least Teague doesn't until his escape plan develops a fatal flaw Alyssa On the run from bo.

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