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WORSE Sex Drugs Assassins and a War Torn UnderworldI could roll around in it forever but it gets ven better when you throw in a drug war for violence a sexy blonde porn star for spite and an Gangbang Slut erratic anti hero with a crap ton of issues forvery other feel there is ALL this and I m One Con Glory ecstatic Santino Hassell is tripping solo after his brilliant collaboration with Ais on the In the Company of Shadows series and I really didn t want him to cock it up With a recipe like this how could heI admit I was all flappy hands panicked when the writing felt a bit jerky at first but as soon as the author kicked it up a gear with full body slams and the UST it just flooowed Perhaps I got lost in Gordon Frost and the shit storm that surrounds him and forgot to notice It s soasy to lose yourself when Hassell flaunts his greatest gift for vivid characterisation and world building He Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows evokes my fiercest protective instincts for his heroes and Gordon is noxception I would gladly scoop out my heart with a medicine spoon and say Here yours is broken so have mineOh Gordon my little orphan he s so full of shit so bad so sexy so vulnerable and so very The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) exasperating I couldn t decide if I wanted to kick him in the kidney punch him in the throat or smother him in cuddles The dude is such a fucking victim when he allows his promiscuity and addiction to Pandora to define him as insignificant And men like Maruis sexy bastard sometime lover and Chance his boss are all too happy to take advantage of the metaphorical shit here tattooed across his forehead He drove me NUTS But still I would kill for himBottom line is Nobody needs rescuing like Gordon doesEnter Adam Blake dark secret assassin and sexy sexy sexy like a Greek god he s the perfect white dark knight It s not your job to save me I don t need a hero You sure about that You re the most careless person I vever met It s almost impressive This is not a conventional romance Ha There s nothing conventional about this book full stop The focus is all on Gordon his connections with the Underground drug wars and his fuck ups The pace is fast and the atmosphere is Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, electric but you ll probably feel cheated by the lack of Adam and Gordon page time but by thend you won t A Fairly Honourable Defeat even care It s that goodThe absolute worst thing about this book is watching the progress bar creep toward the 100% mark and if you are a greedy reader like me you ll want a comprehensive conclusion but I m okay with it I just hope Hassell decides to give us If you ve never read ICoS then this is a great introduction to this dystopian world Itchoes the type of gritty suspense and uniue characterisation that s omnipresent in ICoS but sadly there s not nough page time for it to be uite as magnificent I still loved it It s now a favourite with Gordon and Adam arning a coveted snorts place in my mm harem So read it45 Stars For Boys in our Books For giveaways and lots of fun stuff click hereEnd Note If you ve never read ICoS I m sorry for your loss After Midnight is a spin off and NO you do not need to read that magnificent series first After Midnight is set in the same Universe that s allFor those who have read ICoS I KNOW you will be reading this book but you need to read the author s note at the back which Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue explains the timeline and the reworking of Gordon s character in FadeEnjoy I am pulling reviews and ratings of the books by this author due to well documentedvidence of catfishing and abusive behavior toward members of the MM community I refer you to Riptide Publishing s statement Review removed due to personal reasons Rating downgraded to one starMarch 7 201. Een and The Man Without a Face experienced all there was of the dark gritty city of Lexington until he has a chancencounter with a stranger that causes his life to spin out of controlWord count approx 11399.

Review and rating removed Review removed RATING REMOVEDview spoilerThis is going to be a different review Just because Gordon had that impact on meThis is how this happened26th September 2013Susan mails me to tell me about this book I read the blurb and I am like hell no So I tell her in the nicest way that I ll read it ventually as I don t really read sci fy She says it s dystopian but she also says it s very subtle but I don t read dystopian Gone (Gone, either Anyway I one click Yes because I am that coherent and let s face it I m THATasySo a few weeks ago I decided to act like an adult for once and read all those books I keep buying and not reading I started archiving the ones that I will not read I mean I Threads Of The Shroud even have PNR books what the hell is wrong with me I hate PNR The thing is I couldn t archive After Midnight It was as if the book had a power over me and my kindle don t think I m crazy because I m serious nowSo I never archived it19th November 2013 I can t take myyes from that stupid book in my kindle I better start it and get rid of it soon yes that was me talking to myself because we all talk to ourselves stop denying it I decide to read it uickly thinking I ll probably skip some parts so I can just remove the goddamn book So I start and I realize that ME TENGO UE METER LA LENGUA EN EL CULO Nope don t All Seated on the Ground even try to translate that Let s say I was wrong I mean I was hooked from the beginning and I don t have a coherent reason for you guys I just LOVED IT it is like the author made me feel part of that fucked up world and I wanted to be one of them the one in the middle between GA to be accurateI was trying toxplain my feelings to my boyfriend yesterday and he was like Oh yeah wonderful So now you love reading about drug dealers and assassins how nice Whatever he has no idea Because this book is MUCH MORE THAN THATSo why am I boring you with this Maybe no one is reading this far how pathetic right Because I want you all to read this book PLEASE I seriously started thinking I would not like it and I was sooooo wrongThis was like watching a movie with an amazing script fantastic characters and a REAL PLOT I love romance books but it s really nice when the authors add a GREAT plot into the story You ll fall in love with Gordon you ll LUST Adam Mr Greek and you ll be part of this fantastic storyThis book was FUNNY I guess I struck a nerveSuck my cock and choke on it This book was ROMANTIC and it had the BEST SEXUAL TENSION EVAHHHHH Why do I let you do this to me Adam panted against his face damp and warm and heartbeat racing in his chest How do you ruin me like this And this book had a few lessons for all of us So anyways you re bi then Do I really need a label I am finishing I promiseIf you guys want to give this a try but your budget for this month is non Untitled. existent pls PM me and I ll gift 2 copies to the first two people whomail me I just need you guys to read it and review it 1 sentence counts as a review in 2 weeks max Santino guapo you have a new stalker FAN PS Many thanks Susan for your great rec hide spoiler Well IAMSORRY The book was a pure disappointment for me I WANTED to like it I HOPED to like it I DID Wiring everything to like it I DIDN T SEXview spoiler hide spoiler RATING IS REMOVED BECAUSE REASONS Review stays under spoiler tag because Goodreads is first and foremost my record of reading activities and the fiasco doesn t change the fact that I ve read this book view spoilerTo start I must say that I am an ICoS In Company of Shadows virgin I never read that series despite my friends seem to be frickin in love with it My reason I don t have Online Fiction No longer available Thisdition is out of circulation and is no longer available for distributionLiving on the fringes of society in a dystopian future Gordon Frost does.

Good record with long online series which I call as cult stories in this genre for lack of the better term I mostly DNF Against All Odds ed them So I just stay away from ICosHowever when After Midnight redited version was starting to get the buzz I was assured by Lenore that this spin off worked as stand alone novel Sonni Hassell also wrote that information in his blog I decided that it would be a good introduction to Hassell s writing to get a glimpse about the worldWell hell someone needs NOT to say I told you so Gordon is a fascinating anti hero I love him right from the start The words that come out of his mouth Man I would love to highlight Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage everything He is the kind of complicated character that I simply love The way Gordon keeps coming back to men who didn t truly appreciate him the way he tries too hard to be part of something but at the same time push hard when people shows interest he just doesn t know his self worth like when he asks Adam about why Adam chooses him Oh I just want to hug him so bad Adam on the other hand still a bit mysterious to me I was told by Jenn that the first version of this book doesn tven have Adam s POV Well I guess I m glad that it is included here somehow Because at least while I still find him mysterious it is good to see how Adam gets captivated by Gordon that he is willing to risk his mission The UST between the two guys is so palpable I practically scream HALLELUJAH when they have the first kiss and it s HOTThe secondary characters are uite vivid too I find myself being amused with Maruis a bit scared with the Samu brothers angry with Chance and want to slap his face and slightly annoyed with Carla I know that the latter is Gordon s best friend and acts like his protector However I also feel that Carla is an The DOS enabler and her way of coddling doesn t help Gordon s insecurity Never reading ICoS I will say that After Midnight indeed work as stand alone There is uitenough well written description about the dystopian world with the drugs and turf wars and shadow assassins Having said that I must say that the part with Adam and the Agency is a bit blurred for me It s not familiar so I struggle a bit to understand about the function of the Agency and the people there which I m sure memorable for others I also feel that the middle part is a bit slow probably because Gordon and Adam don t have Against All Odds enough time together Gordon spends his time doing somethinglse while Adam practically stalks himNow finally let s talk about that ABRUPT Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism ending shall we Oh how I grumble That s it That s thending So unfair Mr Hassell My romantic heart wants fluffy unicorn puking rainbow kind of Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils ending But the again thinking about the tone of the story I feel that it s the perfect way tond thisSo people I am no longer an ICoS virgin I m having a party to celebrate With male strippers hide spoiler Slam dunkWaiting for this revised Payment Due edition was torture but so so worth it After Midnight is a gritty post apoc dystopian with compelling characters terrific action and mind warping UST like a car crash caught in slow mo by a Russian dash camThe idea of being slammed up against a wall was never so sexy as thisPass me a smoke bitchez I m officially TeamFrostRecommended REVIEW REMOVEDHow is it that we GRrs will get up in arms and add to our AUTHORS BEHAVING BADLY shelves so asily like when an author comes into our review space BUT when an author TRULY is behaving badly possibly illegally but definitely unethically we dismiss it and scream Drama I want nothing to do with dramaI ve been on GR a long time and I get the aversion to drama trust me But this is SO MUCH. What he has to do to survive He and his small group of friends live fast and dangerously having seen it all and have become disillusioned with society as a result Gordon thought he'd

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