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Typical Blaze book April Stevens is a walking disaster who s never had a man induced O Rex Holt is a marketing e. She was a disaster in bedThe only action April Stevens has been seeing between the sheets lately is sleep Not her preference but since her inability to relax has proven almost fatal to too many past lovers she's iven up sex Fine Except that her latest assignment has her oing undercover.

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N overall 35 pretty ood This was fun to read April s such a klutz and poor Rex deals with it as best as he can. Nteresting He has sex on the brain Conducting personal trial runs on the sheets with April should clear hismind Instead Rex finds himself craving even of her he just has to convince her that what they have is than a bit of fun and relaxation Good thing he can sell anythingincluding himsel.

Nius who is just the uy to help her out All to a background setting of leather sheets and cock rings Light and fu. With marketing hottie er enius Rex Holtfield testing risue sheet sets As if that's oing to keep her mind off sexespecially when Rex is tempting enough to make her reconsider that little vow of celibacyBetween the sexy bed linens and his even sexier assistant April Rex's job has otten

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She's very social and loves to meet others who believe in happily ever afters tooThe Best Reviews