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Those such as myself who have long been fascinated by it A recognition of the role of African Americans in the Civil War and in the town of Gettysburg itself would have been than appropriate in this otherwise comprehensive and louent handbook In our country s troubled times I found it worthwhile to revisit Gettysburg and to think about its importanceRobin Friedman Useful synthesis of a complicated topic Usually whenever I see a book like this my initial reaction is usually along the lines of oh no not ANOTHER Gettysburg book I ve read literally dozens of books about the Civil War in general and the Gettysburg campaign specifically so if I m going to read another Gettysburg book it has to be pretty darn good New insights into the battle or the strategictactical decisions an overlooked aspect of the campaign tcUnfortunately this book falls far far FAR short of this mark A bunch of random factoids that aren t really interesting by themselves For xample Mr Petruzzi gives us the astonishing fact that the Confederates came from the north and the Union army from the south Ok and the significance of this particular bit of information is All through the war the two forces involved in a particular battle could come from all different directions not just northsouthIn short the author and the publisher should plant a new forest to replace the trees wasted in the making of this book A book filled with trivia about the battle Much of the information in it can be found in other books and sometimes in greater detail such as biographies of the generals and a history of the battleSometimes the author just seems to be throwing out random facts without giving them any context at all For Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue example he states that the Confederates arrived mostly from the north while the Union army arrived mostly from the south This wasn t a uniue situation in the war the Confederates attacked from the north at Pea Ridge Corinth Malvern Hill and Bentonville while the Union army attacked from the south at Five Forks He fails toxplain why the fact this happened at Gettysburg was significant or noteworthyThis handbook wasn t that bad but I prefer books analyzing battles rather than books filled with random facts This book would probably most appeal to readers who The Man Without a Face enjoy trying to learnvery single detail about the Battle of Gettysburg A good read with many interesting facts. Tudy of the ntire campaign; a discussion of the battle's myths and controversies; biographies of select officers civilians and battlefield photographers; trivia about the campaign; a comprehensive order of battle; a suggested reading list and websites; and much As njoyable to look at as it is Gone (Gone, easy to usevery casual and serious student of the Civil War and Gettysburg will want a copy.

Just a bunch of trivia about the campaign Not really the best first book to read in order to learn about the campaign andor battle A very informative interesting concise coverage of the battle with great photos In 2009 author David Petruzzi and cartographer Steven Stanley published a study of the battle of Gettysburg titled The Complete Gettysburg Guide The Guide is a hardbound large book on glossy paper which offers detailed walking and driving tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield and associated sites the town of Gettysburg cemeteries hospitals and other points of interest to students of this great battle The book has received awards and critical acclaim It has become a best sellerWith this impressive overview of Gettysburg published only two years ago it might be hard to imagine what the authors could do to justify a second look But Petruzzi s and Stanley s new work The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook is not a simple rehash of the Threads Of The Shroud earlier book and does not need anyxcuse for its publication According to the book s Foreword the publishing company approached the authors after the success of the 2009 volume to reuest them to write a follow up handbook which briefly covered the battle with its varied stories facts statistics photos illustrations original maps and so much There are many handbooks of the battle which offer tours and summaries of the military action In a crowded field this new handbook takes a fresh look at GettysburgThe book offers a short moving portrayal of both the highlights and some of the less familiar aspects of the battle The book is a small paperback much All Seated on the Ground easier to carry while walking the battlefield than thearlier volume The text and accompaniments are crisp and clear The book is presented on uality glossy paper with a yellowed touch to provide a nostalgic historic feel It is a gimmicky touch but Untitled. effectiveThe book bears an appealing and accurate subtitle Facts Photos and Artwork for Readers of all Ages which captures its strengths The text includes outstanding maps historical and contemporary together with paintings and photographs of the battle its participantsnvironment and monuments Much of this material will be familiar to close students of the battle but much of it is relatively uncommon The photographs and artwork presented in a small book make a strong cumulative Wiring effect and offer a freshffective lo. The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbookis an informative full color guide for American Civil War and Gettysburg Against All Odds enthusiasts of all ages Authors J David Petruzzi and Steven Stanley use clear and concise writing broken down into short andasy to understand chapters complete with original maps modern and historic photographs tables charts and artwork to narrate the history of the Gettysburg

Ok on this much studied battleFor all its brevity the authors have included information which rarely appears in a small handbook and which Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage enhances its appeal Most importantly there were 64 Union soldiers who received the Medal of Honor for their heroism during the Battle of Gettysburg Before getting to the details of the battle Petruzzi and Stanley offer a list of these individuals together with a short summary of their heroic actions This recognition of heroes of the battlefield creatively sets the stage for the book Other material that sets the stage for the battle itself includes key uotations from Union and Confederate supporters on various aspects of the combat and the Gettysburg campaign The reader isncouraged to reflect on what these varied uotations mean The book also includes a summary of the location of the Union and Confederate Corps just prior to the battle this information usually needs substantial digging through long books to discover and a short section discussing and The DOS evaluating some popularly held views about the battleFollowing the presentation of this and other background information Petruzzi and Stanley proceed to an informative short discussion of the battle itself The authors cover the beginning of the Gettysburg campaign and then devote brief chapters toach of the three days of battle together with a chapter on Lee s difficult retreat back to Virginia The retreat has received substantial attention by writers on Gettysburg in recent years It was not discussed in the 2009 book Although this new book is short it discusses some of the obscure cavalry actions in the Against All Odds environs of Gettysburg that freuently are not addressed Petruzzi has a particular interest in studying cavalry With the discussion of some little known aspects of the battle the focus remains onvents and places that have become ingrained in American memory including McPherson Ridge Cemetery Hill Little Round Top Devil s Den the Wheatfield the Peach Orchard and Pickett s ChargeThe Battle of Gettysburg as any subject of moment or any subject that properly inspires passion can be studied for long periods of time and from many points of view without xhausting the material Although I have read a great deal about the battle I found this little book deepened my understanding and rekindled my interest The book will appeal to readers new to the battle and to. Ampaign from the opening battle at Brandy StationinVirginia on June 9 1863 to the scape of Gen Robert E Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia across the Potomac River on July 14 1863Chapters include uotes of interest from participants tables and charts of the ages and seniority ranking of the generals of both sides; weather observations during the battle; a stunning photographic

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J David Petruzzi is an award winning Civil War cavalry historian He is the author of many articles for a wide variety of publications and has written or co authored several books