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Books exciting to readI hope her next book is much better A lovely and enjoyable read The story takes the reader rom London where the h has lost both parents and is caring TABU for her infant brother to Greece where her estranged grandfather lives The H was sent to London toind the h at the reuest of the man who raised him after the death of both his parents The old man is dying and the death of his estranged son was a shock He wants the H to bring his infant grandson to him With or without the h his granddaughter The h has no love Parinamam ennal പരിണാമം എന്നാല്‍ for anyone associated with her grandfather So when the H shows up heinds a woman who thinks the worst of him He doesn t make the situation any better when he kidnaps her and her baby brother and takes them to Greece The h and H spark off of each other Mistakes (Mistakes Trilogy, from theirst moment they met They try to convince themselves that it s because they dislike each other but the sexual tension is strong The h still grieving the death of her parents had the most painful meltdown on the H s plane when she though he stole her baby brother I shed a tear or Please Share My Wife With Me fifty It was intense I also loved her love of the stars As a star gazer living in NYC I was jealous of her Greek island no light pollution sky That s the one thing I want most in this book A perfectly clear night sky and her telescope I really enjoyed this book It was a bit intense and made me sob a little but the chemistry between the H and h and their wonderful verbal sparring made it aun read Worth the read. S to be cursed with scandal Except now it’s pounding on her ront door – or rather Anton is in all his dark chiselled glory And she has no idea what he’s going to do ne.

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Taking care of her newborn brother a battle of wills a manipulative patriarch loads of angst passion a wedding and a HEAI adore books which can make me weep and Zoe s heartbreak over her loss and when she thinks Anton might take Toby away made me tear up Anton wasn t as conniving as the h thought he would be and did not let her leave him or even a second There is some Got Parts? family drama and some possible betrayal but the hero wasully committed the h had a strong backbone and the ending was uber satisfyingReally enjoyed itSafe455 This is a 187 page book and 143 pages take place in over a 24 hour period From one morning to the next morning Weird but oddly not too draggy This author can write some pretty intense angsty books This one wasn t one of those These two people had the hots Divine Grace (Divine Creek Ranch, for each otherrom the get go There was a serious amount of angry snipping angry kissing angry accusations ending in a passionate hookup and agreement to marry in that 24 hours Still this author is good so you totally bought into what was essentially a love at Kept first sight story Interesting reading but maybe not a reread Too many inner thoughts and not enough dialogue Michelle Reid is usually an expert in angsty books Unfortunatelly this one didn t deliveror me because the only source of angstyness were the heroine s grief over her parent s death and her ear of losing her brother In MR s previous books the source of angstyness was mostly the conflict between the hero and heroine which made the. S revealed there’s a true heir – in the rather appealing shape of Zoe Ellis Zoe’s Greek heritage means nothing to her – and to be involved with the Kanellis dynasty

Heroine is grieving the loss of her parents and taking care of her 3 week old infant brother when the news explodes that the infant is the heir to her estranged grandfather s Greek business empire The grandfather sends his adopted son hero to bring them back to Greece The heroine hateslusts after the hero on sight This scenario reminded me a bit of Bond of Hatred by Lynne Graham but without the intensity Hero is a good guy we get his thoughts rom time to time Heroine is in a Camp Tiger fraught state and that gets a bit tiresome especially when were are treated to page after page of how she packed and washed her hair and walked to the limo and then rode in the car and then walked up the steps to the plane and gave the baby a bottle and Yes it draggedThe time line seemed really messed up they were having sex within a day of meeting each other and she was a sleep deprived jet lagged grieving virgin to boot There wasn t a lot of conflict in this one Theamily secrets were revealed in a matter of Eddie fact way so that drama was muted as was meeting the despotic grandfather The HEAelt right The abbots house for these two because they really were attracted to each otherrom the get go There just wasn t a lot of conflict or drama to keep it interesting The Kanellis Scandal is the story of Zoe and AntonA heartwarming story of trust and powerplay between a hero who deserves the Kanellis empire but is adopted the heroine who wants nothing to do with it and is still grieving the loss of her beloved parents and. ‘It is not always wise tomake him angry ’ but Anton Pallis is livid As the adopted son of the Kanellis patriarch he’s set to inherit the vast The Eagle Of The Ninth familyortune Until it’.

Hi my name is Michelle Reid and I’ve been writing for Harleuin Mills & Boon for the last twenty years and the crazy part about it is that I only realised it had been twenty years while updating this pageSo hang on for a minute while I take this huge milestone inTwenty years with almost forty books published or in the pipeline I know it isn’t a great average when compared with some aut