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Joseph Vogel Returns the Conversation to Jackson s ArtScholars fans and even on the fence doubters will find the upcoming release of Man in the Music The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson by Huffington Post writer Joseph Vogel not only an enthralling read but a ateway into a revised perception of one of the most mysterious and massively influential artists of our time This is definitely not another run of the mill sensationalist workVogel skillfully Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) guides the reader through the remarkable chapters of Jackson s professional career fully capturing the cultural vibe of the 80s and 90s while analyzing the particularities of Jackson s creative process from inception to aesthetic fulfillment It seems the author desires to move beyond exclusively preaching to the choir of Jackson s loyal fan base and has an even expansive and restorative intention in mind Jackson s solo career is revealed through intricately woven stories that are chronologically linked with the creation of his music This album by album odyssey reminds one of a mythic hero s journey as it evokes the visceral emotion of artistic conuest Throughout the process Vogel explicates Jackson s music performance art cinematic short films and aesthetic incarnations as well as exploring Jackson s myriad eclectic influencesThe book s success is due in large part to a trilogy of strengths the author possesses as an academic scholar and also a writer on popular culture Vogel manages to fuse a penchant for research with an engagingift of journalistic storytelling Rare however is the sense of spiritual exegesis he provides This literary alchemy Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? gives the reader an entirely fresh and valuable comprehension of Jackson as a culturally transformative artist The book also illuminates the voluminous breadth depth and influence of his oeuvreThe reader experiences firsthand theentle singer songwriter s coming of age his roundbreaking musical prowess and his emergence as an emissary for the marginalized and alienated We are reminded that Jackson a voracious reader of Emerson was a transcendental visionary who called for healing the world through compassion community and environmental stewardship Jackson s massive audiences became entrained participants in this vision His concerts in cities such as London Sydney New York Yokohama Munich Bucharest Moscow Copenhagen New York and Rome among others often engender the intensity of ecstatic religious revivals especially during his iconic performances of Earth Song and Man in the MirrorOn a intimate scale the author offers a Joycean sensibility as he paints with a discerning eye his archetypal portrait of the artist as a young ma. This is the book that serious Michael Jackson fans crave one that forgoes sensationalism in favor of an insightful look at Jackson's work and creative process Man in the Music met.

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R The focus on his music has taken a backseat since Thriller You ll often find the claim that Michael Jackson peaked commercially and artistically with Thriller and it s been a long downhill run since then and you ll often find fans claiming that it s simply not trueVogel indeed adds considerable weight to this claim showing Jackson branching out creatively and improving on what he had done before Reading about the often over looked Invincible Jackson s only flop album was particularly pleasurable The focus on Jackson s private life is minimal provided only to ive context to his music and while it didn t try to redeem him it also didn t pass judgement This book is a testament to both Jackson s talent and professionalism A wide range of resources are used to provide a strong backdrop to Vogel s commentary This includes critical reviews interviews with those who worked on the records biographies and the words of Jackson himself apparently Jackson was to be interviewed for this book but died before it could take place Because Jackson was such a visual artists the commentary extends to the music video or short film for the songs This makes for an interesting and sound analysis of Jackson s life workAll in all Vogel s beautifully presented volume is a very welcome addition to my library Mr Vogel has written an in depth moving book that is a credit to Mr Jackson and his musical Baby Legacy (So Many Babies genius This book focuses on what made Mr Jackson such a legend his extraordinary talent that shaped the world of music Any fan of Michael Jackson should adopt this book as the foremost source of Michael Jackson music history EXCELLENT Oh how I wanted to love this book It s areat concept Let s et away from the tabloid Michael Jackson and focus instead on the songs the stuff that made his music so reat Reading the credits behind each tune Langlais correct pour les Nuls gave me a new appreciation of how hands on he was in everything and how talented he was I spent a lot of time on iTunes as I read Man in the Music listening to snippets of songs I didn t ownSo why only 3 stars First it s really 35 but we can tive half stars My main problem The editing The lack of fact checking especially as the book went on jarred me as much as an off key Michael would Billy Jean Two songs listed as the final track released from Thriller Mary J Blige listed as an up and coming artist along with J Lo in 2001 That last one hurt the most Mary J Blige is a ueen Heck she had classic albums in the 1990s To lump her in the same parenthetical with a woman who barely sings is blasphemyIf this book ever comes out in paperback perhaps it could be run through an editor first One of my favorite MJ books lll. The music in its social historical cultural and even personal context The result is an in depth assessment of one of the most compelling influential artists in popular music histo.

N When he shares Jackson s life long love of books he recounts that the artist s personal library rew to than 20000 titles including numerous classics in rare first editions Vogel writes When he wasn t creating he was reading voraciously everything from the verses of Emerson and Wordsworth to the biographies of Michelangelo and Beethoven from the psychology of Freud and Jung to Sufi poetry Vogel irrevocab A book recounting the wonderful creations of one of the most innovative minds of the 20th century Vogel explores Michael Jackson s discography in an all encompassing way diving into details about every song on every album Before dissecting a record Vogel briefly introduces the eras themselves For example he d briefly discuss Michael s lifewhereaboutschallengescreative visions in accordance to th This is an excellent reference work on the origins recording re recording production and release of Michael Jackson s songs Joseph Vogel takes an in depth look at each of the artist s albums and the tracks featured plus those on special editions and compilations which appeared no where elseIllustrated with photographs reflective of each stage of MJ s incredible 4 decades long career we read of when he first conceived of a song and the work he and his collaborators put in to fine tuning it until he deemed it ready for the world to hear often years after it was first written or committed to tapeThis is a serious scholarly book which is also thoroughly readable and a MUST for any Michael Jackson fan The narrative that introduces each stage of his career provides biographical information that helps the reader appreciate the decisions Michael made with respect to his creative output but manages to avoid most of the sensationalism exhibited by the mass media and the tabloidsIn the end we are once again left mourning Michael s untimely demise and wondering what unreleased treasures still lie waiting to be heard and appreciated by his lobal audience of devoted fans fascinating work by Joe Vogel I had to listen to each song on my I pod while reading about the song to hear the different instrumentselements that he described that I missed earlier No other artist conveys so much A fascinating well researched analysis and history behind Michael Jackson s creative process and musical enius Michael Jackson may be one of the most underrated artists of all time It might strange when you think about it after all he is one of the most famous and successful artists of all only coming second to Elvis and the Beatles Yet most of discussion revolving around Jackson is centred mostly on his personal life and there in an omg isn t he weird flavou. Iculously tracks Jackson's solo career from 1979's roundbreaking Off the Wall to 2001's Invincible to his yet to be released material Vogel analyzes every song and album placing.

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JOSEPH VOGEL is the author of several books including Man in the Music The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson Sterling James Baldwin and the 1980s Witnessing the Reagan Era University of Illinois Press and This Thing Called Life Prince Race Sex Religion and Music Bloomsbury Academic His work has appeared in the The Atlantic The Guardian Slate The Huffington Post Forbes