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IngI will not continue with this series but I will continue to be a fan of Ms Krinard writing SynopsisAllegra Chase was turned into a vampire by her father s close friend It was her only chance to live to the full and have some fun As a teenager she fell ill something sounding like a progressive muscular dystrophy and abandoned by her posh friends boyfriend and even her mother she was left to wait for her death in an empty house with only one servant Small wonder that being given the second chance she took it without regrets and never looked back Small wonder she doesn t want to swear allegiance to anybody be it a vampire a human or a werewolf even if it means she is an oddball in New York considered a traitor or a dissenter Who cares when you can hound Greenwich Village with your bohemian friends in tow having the time of your lifeGriffin Durant s parents and siblings a whole family of werewolves were killed by a fire when he was just 14 He was able to save only his little sister Gemma Then he was drafted and the First World War left his psyche horribly scarred even though he survived Now Griffin a wealthy bachelor living in Long Island NY wants nothing than forgetting who and what he is He steers clear from the local pack or in fact any supernatural creatures and tries to find his sister a nice respectable human husband However a teenage girl during roaring twenties is able to stir trouble as efficiently as her contempor. Ned morals of jazz age society even a vampire can fall prey to the temptations of the flesh One look into the golden eyes of the dashing Griffin Durant and Allegra knows she's not dealing with just a manThough their kind have been enemies for centuries Griffin has never encountered.

Couldn t get into this book Finally made it through but it was slow moving to me Very good It has everything I wanted in a book Mystery suspense romance vampires werewolves and well developed characters I m glad I bought it on impulse at half price booksI would certainly recommend it if you like all the things I listed above In the first Roaring Twenties novel Allegra Allie Chase is a newly made vampire and wants nothing than to have fun After two years of freedom her patron Cato dies the vampire who converted her and now Raoul the powerful master of the vampire clan wants her for himselfWerewolf Griffin Durant despises his wolf nature He fought in the Great War and only wants to live in peace but he can t let go of the past He I liked this book in the beginning but then it began to drag The hero of our story started out and ended with a stick p his butt Our heroine began carefree and fun but also ended Winners Dream up with a stickp her buttPlease forgive my vulgarityI SOOO wanted to enjoy this bookseries and have not been let down my Ms Krinard writing before But this story line just slogged down To many twists to an already complicated plot To many arch nemesis and you really didn t know who was on who s side There was no relationship building between characters and I found it really hard to root for the good guys by the end To the point that I really skim read the last 5 chapters because I couldn t believe the story wasn t end. There are far worse evils than jazz and lipstick By day Allegra Chase lives among the artists and eccentrics of 1920s Greenwich Village in search of adventure By night she haunts the city's back alleys and seedy speakeasies driven by a primal hunger Here amid the glitz and nrestrai.

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Ary peers Gemma clearly doesn t share the outlook of her conservative older brother Allegra and Griffin meet and have to cooperate because their friends get into serious trouble Soon enough it becomes obvious that the disappearance of Margot De Luca a friend of Allegra and a daughter of a local mafia boss and Malcolm Owen a poor playwright and her beloved is a part of a larger scheme of a truly sinister character What will take to discover who really stands behind it What I likedAt first I thought it was just another vampire novel with a kick ass heroine but set at the beginning of the 20th century that s why the subtitle After all vampire fiction is as common as muck nowadays This one was a bit different thoughMaybe it was because of the period Roaring Twenties in the USA but not only of course were the era of jazz prohibition and mafia the time of flappers a new breed of young Western women who wore short skirts excessive makeup bobbed their hair listened to jazz drove automobiles imagine that smoked had casual sex and generally flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior Allegra is such a flapper even if for slightly different reasons she finds it an excellent way to express her love for freedom Yes she freuents speakeasies establishments that illegally sells alcoholic beverages has a bunch of bohemian human friends and seduces men but only in order to drink their blood This novel proves that. A vampire as independent ninhibited or eager for his touch as Allegra Yet their newfound desire is threatened by a jealous vampire master and a race war seems inevitable Griffin and Allegra must struggle to stay out of harm's way and hold on to their dream of an eternity of passion.

Prince of Wolves her first romance novel and one of the earliest to feature a werewolf hero was the result Within a year Susan had sold the manuscript to Bantam as part of a three book contract and the novel went on to make several bestseller listsSince then she's written and published over fourteen paranormal and fantasy novels and written stories for a number of anthologies both fantasy and romance Both the anthology Out of This World which included Susan's Kinsman and the novel