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T was just overwhelming to keep track of since they idn t add to the story line It also appears Lough had a hard time keeping track of her own story line since parts of the story line that should have had good explanations and wrap ups The Extra Cadaver Murder did not I also had a problem with the fact that Lough wrote in that something had gone missinguring the fire and it suddenly was there again without it have ever being found Despite the fact that I read it cover to cover and it was pretty good at the beginning I can t help but give it 1 star I just Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 didn t like it DNFed it Couldn t get into the book it was boring me Stopped at page 52 Hello this book is boring and Ion t care about anything that happens in it Boo It sounded so good. D and Lamont offers refuge to her and her son's family in his empty mansion that she opens her heart Can they find a sweet second chance at love and make two families into

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Wasn t bad Enjoyable I on t know why but this one just idn t appeal to me nearly as much as the first two books in this trilogy I had a little trouble staying interested in it The plot just Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society didn t hold my attention and I couldn t seem to connect with the characters even though I liked them both in the previous books and was looking forward to their story I guess they just can t all be winners Loree Lough is a fantastic author and An Accidental Family is really greatLamont and Nadine have lived nextoor to each other for many many yearsAfter both of their spouses ie and all of their children get married and outthey find to much time on their hands and to much lonelinessMany things go wrong accidents fires etcSo That's the uestion stirring Texan widower Lamont London's heart His longtime neighbor Nadine Greene still turns heads especially his But after enduring an abusive marriage

Hey become closer but can an older couple find a good happy life together even whenthey both have lots of baggageI highly recommend any book by Loree Lough This book truly isappointed me The book started off really great The plot line was intriguing and Lamont and Nadine were great characters with good chemistry The problem is I think the author was just so excited to write Lawn Boy Returns down her ideas that sheidn t think them through One major thing that I have a problem with is that I found three blatant editing errors They were obvious errors that should have been caught by the editor if not the author Another thing I had a problem with is that there were so many random pieces of information that Lough chose to include that Adine's gun shy when it comes to relationships And Lamont has some unresolved feelings to overcome about his late wife It isn't until Nadine's ranch house burns to the groun.

With the upcoming release of the books in her new Kensington series bestselling author Loree Lough will have 121 books on the shelves 8000000 copies in circulation Her writing style has been compared to Nicholas Sparks and Mary Jo Putney and readers and reviewers often call her “a gifted writer whose stories touch hearts and change lives”With a long list of industry awards it isn't likel