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Both Troy and Lacede High were a bit exaggerated than what would normally occur in a public igh school Most of the school spirit usually derives from the sports teams at least in my experience whereas it seemed every student at these schools wanted part of the rivalry owever I could totally see the football players andling the rivalry this way in real lifeMostly Greg s Allegiance to His BrotherThere were also times when I didn t like certain characters motives when it came to the rivalry especially Greg the main character Cassie s best friend He was wishy washy between supporting Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security, his jerk of a brother who totally deserved everything thatappened to Akshyay Mulberry Vol.One him and Cassie who remained neutral throughout the rivalry thougher football star older brothers are out to get Greg s schoolGreg ends up doing some terrible things to Troy High for the sake of keeping Como Abrir Mentes Fechadas his brother out of trouble though it comes off as Greg s brother gettingim in trouble A positive note does come out of Greg s blind allegiance as the message reigns true that sometimes you Devils Gate have to distinguish betweenurting and The Old Myers Place (Halloween, helping family and youave to remember your family members are not always on the right side of conflictOverall Troy High is a clean contemporary YA novel that I recommend for readers who enjoy books that feature sports or Greek retellings I think it would be a great companion read to The Iliad in a classroom setting First of all this story of a war between rival Witcheskin high schools is a fine book for middle schoolers and youngerigh schoolers though I ll be interested to see if they actually like it There is no uestionable content it s super easy to read I d guess 3rd grade reading level 4th and lessons and morals aboundSo as a teacher I would say this book is just fine for students to pick up for a summer novelAs a Jack Glass human though a literateuman being English major this is the kind of book that gives YA fiction a bad name It is poorly written dull predictable straightforward in th. Alating prank war fuels tensions between the schoolsThe stakes are raised when Cassie is forced to choose between the boy she loves a Spartan and loyalty to er family and school Troy High will seduce readers with its cast of mythic proportion.

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In this book there are many character Cassie is the main character but there is also Greg Hunter Perry Elena and lots of others The main problem in this book is that Troy High and Lacade High get in a uge prank war and start destroying each others schools The settings in this book is the Princes Me Write Book house Greg souse Troy and Lacade Highs and a couple other places There are many figurative devices in Troy High First is similes Greg s lips were just calling me but I couldn t risk the chance of losing my best friend157 Another simile from Troy High says I was as stuffed as a pig in a blanket203 Next is two examples of Cosmological Enigmas hyperbole are Itad felt like forever since Greg and I At Hells Gate had talked233 This warad gone one for to long It feels like it Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, has gone one for the whole year209 One other figurative device that is used is personification The mushroom covered pizza was calling me 245 I really enjoyed this book There were lots of interesting parts on it though Like someone kisses their best friend and stuff like that Other than the somewhat weird parts it was a pretty great book The whole overview of the book would be twoigh schools getting into a fight There is a lot of drama which I kind of liked If you are looking for a dramatic book look no further This book was GREAT I m not big on reading and I don t like to read much but this was one book that was so ard to put down I related with the main character a lot being that she ad conflict in Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, her love life If you are big on young love and romance conflict this would be a great book for you Lisa CampbellTraditional LiteratureTroy High is the retelling of the Iliad played out on the football fields and schoolalls of two rival High Schools Cassie Cassandra goes to Troy High with Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society her brothers football stars Hunter Hector and Perry Paris Elena Helen arrives at Troy High falls for Perry and breaks up wither long time Spartan boyfriend Lucas Menelaus The rivalry begins The two schools begin a war of pranks that Homer’s Iliad the classic tale of love and revenge is shrewdly retold for teens in Troy HighNarrated by Cassie a shy outsider at Troy High the story follows the Trojans and Spartans as they declare war on the football field After the beautif.

Ecome increasingly alarming It comes to a On the First Night of Christmas head as the two teams face off on the football field Cassie keeps trying to tell everyone that if the animosity doesn t stop something bad willappen but no Six years ago my cousin s wife introduced me to local North Carolina author Shana Norris s books Troy High is the second novel I read by Shana and during a giveaway she P.S. Im Pregnant hosted back in December I won aardcover copy and knew it was time for a reread and official reviewWhat I LikedRetelling of The IliadThough I ve never read The Iliad I Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, had to read its seuel The Odyssey for ninth grade English and am slightly familiar with the story of the Trojans versus the Spartans In Troy High the war between the Trojans and Spartans take place on the football field where two players from opposing teams battle for theeart of Elena Argos Helen in the original This retelling puts an interesting spin on the original and makes me want to read Homer s storyFresh Focus for YA LitInstead of the book solely focusing on the romance aspect of the retelling a lot of the story focuses on Cult Science Fiction Films how counterproductive rivalries can be along with going for what you want out of life In our ultra competitive world we need YA books with this messageTrue to Small Town FootballIn small towns especially in the south Friday nightigh school football games are uge deals So are school rivalries And sometimes they can get out of and as we see in the novelThat being said I felt that some of the pranks ex laxatives in the cafeteria food and the embarrassing poster of a student who was not on the football team were a little too farfetched to be received with little to no conseuences In real life or at least the Sailor Moon Episode Lists high school I went to the entire student body wouldave suffered conseuences if a name for the responsible students didn t surfaceIffy PointBlind Allegiance Troy High is an accurate depiction of Attentions Throbbing howeated rivalries can get in igh school sports though I felt that the student body loyalty of. Ul Elena who used to be the captain of the Spartan cheerleaders transfers to Troy High and falls madly in love with Cassie’s brother Perry the Spartans vow that the annual omecoming game will never be forgotten Off the football field an esc.

I write young adult books from a tiny town in eastern North Carolina where I live with my husband and our zoo of animals I am the author of SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT and TROY HIGH both available from AbramsAmulet Books and THE BOYFRIEND THIEF and SURFACING both available in ebook format for all ereaders