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Actually grabbed this one because of a review in Booklist Grabbed the first book too This got a better review than the first book but I actually found that romance a little interesting than the one in this book Like the first book it was just ok I ll robably read the third book just to complete the trilogy This was a really good book I loved the characters story line emotions suspense scenes and overall feeling in the book The is something I wouldn t mind reading again I laughed snickered teared up a little held my breath had a death grip on the book for a little while sighed and had to clear the windows a some Towards the end I did sooo not see that coming The ending was Betty Fedora Issue One perfect I can t wait to see what s going on and gonna happen with Finn I had fun and enjoyed reading this Great forretty much an anytime read unless you don They're back the boys you go out looking for recisely because your mother warned you not to the bad boys every good girl needs at least once if not twiceRaphael Rafe Santiago may have left the streets years ago but the street has never left him A rough childhood in the Bronx taught him never to let his guard down to keep everything in order and always to trust that little.

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Ks in the Unholy Trinity trilogy from the author after entering a giveaway on her Facebook ageWe met Rafe briefly in THE BLACK SHEEP AND THE PRINCESS so I already knew his style and Jazz Ukulele personality would be uite different than Mac s I ll admit right now that I like Mac s cover better than Rafe s there s just something about a man in jeans and a black t shirt Mac also appealed to me because he was a former cop and I like stories with copformer cop heroes Rafe is the white collar type always impeccably dressed and groomed Which of courserovides an immediate contrast between him and our heroin This is the next series by Donna Kauffman that I decided to read There are three books in this series which is full of hot guys in kilts how can that be bad Some of the stories are a little unbelievable but that makes them every girls dream right. Seductive overtly feminine women Rafe usually beds The closer he gets to her the harder it is to control that fiery Off 13 passion he's worked hard to keep cooled the kind that can catch a man off guard and leave him open to danger because whatever secret Elena'srotecting it's bigand worth killing for Because when you're from the Bronx you take care of what you love or die tryin.

Have much time cuz some spots you re just not gonna want to Amata Means Beloved put it down On the hunt for the last bookEnjoy When I started this book I didn t know how it was going to be I kept reading and the I read the I got into it This book had a lot of twist and turns in it The one character changed her life but she wouldn t share with anyone what happened in the first employmentlace She kept it all bottled up inside and thought I would stay that wayuntil a tall dark handsome man walked into her life He kept asking her uestions but she wouldn t answer him and he started doing his own investigation of his own on her But he started falling in love with her and she was falling in love with him as well How as this relationship going to work out with so much going on with her ast Things will work themselves out in the end I received all three boo. Voice in his gut that tells him when someone's got something to hide horse trainer Elena Caulfield is definitely hiding something and Rafe intends to find out what it is and take care of it his wayBut his way wasn't supposed to include feeling an intense attraction to the tomboyish Elena With her mud caked boots uiet strength and gentle manner she's nothing like the flashy.

wwwdonnakauffmancomDonna Kauffman passed away on April 9 2020 of pancreatic cancer