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An James Frey s The Final Testament of the Holy Bible Both books have a similar message promoting liberal s and expanding social inclusion while retaining a sense of the sacred but whereas Final Testament relies on the magical element of the protagonist s actual Messianic status as automatic validation of his religious opinions Saint Peter uses the device of having an amnesiac man read through his own journals to remember who he is It is easier to sympathize with a man who isn t certain that he s right and who is going through a normal sort of midlife crisis of faith Saint Peter makes observations along the way such as that people tend to believe in the religion in which they are raised and that they are likely to believe ridiculous things if many others also believe them It winds up on a skeptical note overall Saint Peter Killed God is a wonderful book that must be read by the masses The title may throw you but the story that follows is exciting and hard to put down It is always great to uncover a new talent in thriller writing of which Karl Kron most definitely is and I am looking forward to reading of his work Saint Peter Killed God does not prepare you for the thrilling page turner that follows It is a well researched story which begins a man seemingly suffering breakdown but Ffering from amnesia after attempting suicide He finds a notebook he doesn't remember filling with entries referring to himself as Saint Peter His entries are so outlandish he nows he's insane but the other patients begin joining him in prayers They thank him claiming he's better therapy than any of the doctors He can't figure

Eeps you guessing all the way through about what actually is going on The main protagonist is a richly drawn character who makes you root for him from the very beginning and as the narrative unfolds you also feel like you really The Secret of the Great Pyramid know him The chapters are expertly woven and the ending is a delight A great book which is highly recommended Don t let the title throw you This is a great book It starts off with a priest Peter trying to get the attention of his congregation Then his attemps suicide but wait in doing so he felt faint then falls and hits his head He wakes up in a mental institution with amnesia What would you doPeter has his journals giving him insight to the man he was before the accident But what would bring him to try to commit suicide He was a priest Whatind of man was he Will he ever be the man he once was The thrilling journey begins and is a page turner My favorite character was William He was a strange man he was a poet rude funny and crazy at the same time and yes he was in the mental institution with PeterThe patients soon become Peter s new flock Peter s journal drove me insane You ll have to read the book to find out whyThis book ept my attention that s for sure Kron s research provides a better understanding of the Catholic church and the mental institution. T out Is he crazy or is it actually his destiny to change the church The only flock he has now are his fellow patients Here he begins his journey to retrieve what he has forgotten those crazy religious beliefs in his notebook entries which look less and less crazy to him the details of his attempted suicide and the real Father Pe.

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Here is a book that is written to be provocative It is a faith uestioning read that many might find offensive BUT it is well written and the characterization is captivating Kron nows how to create a character the reader cares about and does well with interior conflictA faith unchallenged is not a faith worth having As an author of devotionals and faith affirming fiction my faith has already been challenged and grounded I don t mind reading a book that uestions the faith However some people of weaker faith will find this read ruffling to their feathers causing resentment and angerI m sorry to say that the theology and Biblical illusions the reader finds in this book might be twisted but the character is in an insane asylum so what would you expect I don t understand trashing the author s entire work because the reader doesn t agree with the theologyI felt that the author s uestions have merit The church in my opinion is not uite what Jesus meant for it to be at all The methods and madness of the Priest I do not agree with but the author s handling of the situation is realistic and riveting In some ways this reads like a string of sermons punctuated by metaphorical uestion marks so your engagement with the story might depend on your interest in theological musings I enjoyed this th. What happens when a priest no longer believes what he preaches Father Pete acts like he's having a nervous breakdown He invites his congregation to walk out of mass in protest with him This fails No one listens to his sermons and he's too old and far too embarrassed to start overThree days later Father Pete wakes in a hospital su.

KJ Kron grew up in a Catholic in Fairfax VA After graduating from James Madison University in 1989 he moved to Kansas City to find a place to write free of distractions He volunteered through the Church helping teenagers with drug problems where he wrote his first unpublished novel Pinkie SystemEventually he came back to Northern Virginia with a new plan –work overnight in a psychiatric hosp