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These pieces are like prose poems I liked them very much brilliant vollman and DFW have done something similar Musil does very nice prose sketches almost like mindfulness exercis. One of the very first ank of prose stylists Robert Musil captures a scene's every telling detail and symbolic aspect.

Es on a variety of subjects He also branches into surreal territory with an enigmatic longer story I d almost call him a less energetic Calvino Worth checking out if you like that With a precise and emarkable beauty In these nine stories and essays he considers holidaymakers and stone monuments.

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Rand of prose Interesting mini essays and super short fiction More artistic than informative Might ecommend Tiny tales well told with a prose style that is all his own Wonderful. Tales of war and blackbirds and the great pathos of a tiny death a fly's impossible fight against the grip of flypap.

Austrian writer He graduated military boarding school at Eisenstadt 1892 1894 and then Hranice in that time also known as Mährisch Weißkirchen 1894 1897 These school experiences are reflected in his first novel The confusions of young Törless He served in army during The First World War When Austria became a part of the Third Reich in 1938 Musil left for exile in Switzerland where he