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She probably wouldn t be divorced now or maybe that s what caused her divorce who knows Either way it was easy to see that Hanna was a boring person with no lifeThe inal problem I had with Hanna was her up and down relationship with Vince She s going out with him she s not she is Blah blah blah No small wonder Vince s ex mother in law treated Hanna as an outsider I would have because next week you knew it would be off then on and then off againTo his credit Vince was a great guy raising a sweet kid alone and doing a good job of it Hanna should have begged much harder to get him back after the way she treated him And why oh why do people care what the neighbours think That s old Get over yourself Hanna Taking Flight for pete s sakeShe obviously didn t deserve Vince and that s what makes it a bad romance. S alsoar too appealing or this widowed dad's peace of mindMaybe it's time Hanna and Vince let go of their pasts and gave in to what's happening between them Just because they're parents doesn't mean they can't have a second chance at lov.

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Protectiveness of her son Ashton which imho was crazy and the way she treated Vince s daughter Kenzie bordered on horribleI can t believe she argued with Kenzie and pronounced judgement on her behaviour Do mature grown women even argue with 10 year old girls any Is there any point Why doesn t her son listen to her I just don t get it he s 10 his riend Kenzie is 10 how do people lose their control in Heartlands front of 10 year old s so easily She should have kept her mouth shut and spoke to Vince directly That was just rudeSecond her kid Ashton wasighting in school and Hanna had a problem with Vince s daughter who didn t Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj fight in school and was much socially adept Kenzie sreedom was obviously a problem with Hanna because she wanted to control her son If she had controlled her ex husband as tightly. S new best riend Vince may be the most irresistible man on the block but he's got a lot to learn about parentingAll right so Vince's daughter is a little high spirited Hanna's downright overprotective of her precious boy Unfortunately she'.

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This is a well written read with tension a sense of amily and enticing romance This charming story is one Maines Visible Black History for the keeper shelf The romance between Vince and Hannah unfolds in a believable way boosted and sometimes vexed by their children The story is not written to the annoying contrivedormula of breakup to makeup or no plausible or apparent reason with a sincere thank you to the author who keeps the conflict real while the pages turn Most highly recommended 35 Stars A very good American Romance story althought I had a ew problems with it Don t get me wrong the writing style was terrific and the story was interesting because the bringing together of two Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas families is rough and it s hard to believe that people even attempt it sometimes My problem was with the heroine Hanna and her over. Moving back to her Texas hometown after her divorce seemed like a good idea at the time Until Hanna Rosser's usually well behaved son gets into trouble at school The single mother knows exactly who's to blame Vince Keeganather of her son'.