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I can t say anything nearly as thorough or good as my GR friend Jess did so ust go see her review will say that it was a lovely book and very inspirational and anyone planning a garden should see this book the pictures were inspirational however the text was poorly laid out sometimes it was hard to keep track of what text corresponded to which picture other than the general messiness of the text it was pretty fantastic Okay I really really enjoyed this book The author is honest and it s fun to see how real families respond to gravel gardens and the like So much was covered though I felt the Austin Brooklyn Portland and Southern California regions were a bit overdone though now as I write that I can see how those areas might be the larger population booms over the next fifty years A good read great pictures and some wonderful ideas This book is beautiful the font the pictures even the cover beautiful However it s filled with gardens mainly from California Texas and New York There s a few others but not enough to help gardeners from those or any other area In the author s defense he does mention numerous times that you should consult local advice Yes you should And your garden most likely will then look nothing like these gardens So why would a gardener read this It s a coffee table book beautiful inspiring and if you re lucky you might ust find an element or two that you could make your own Would I recommend this book to other people Probably not Would I give this book to the uber gardeners in my family to include a landscape designer Most definitely not But did I get a few ideas out of this book that I can change make them location appropriate make them somewhat affordable and then maybe put into my yard Sure But are there other books out there that can do that DefinitelyIt s unfortunate though because this was a gorgeous book But pretty alone does not a good book make unless you re into that kind of thing If so this book is for you Enjoy Great titleHowever I found the book itself falls a little short maybe because I read The Humane Gardener at around the same time and various Xerxes Society books earlier in the year and this one fell short in comparison I found the approach scattered and both the pix and text were too small it should have been a larger book all the way around to make it readableIn all some interesting vignettes and good ideas but I expected I will have to keep looking for the book that truly captures what I expect Tomorrow s Garden to include Lots of pictures of high end garden designs mostly on the coasts Not uite enough about sustainability Pretty to look at though and I liked his memories of the gardens he grew up with in Texas in the 1960s and 70s Lots of good ideas and examples from lots of diff. With a keen eye for aesthetics matched by a strong concern for the environment garden expertStephen Orr has developed a sense of what a modern garden should be small visually pleasing andresponsible In Tomorrow's Garden he presents gardens in 14 American cities that have been scaledback and simplified without sacrificing beauty or innovative designA devoted supporter of the organic gardening movement Orr ad.

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Ted like I always am Since this book practically exceeded every expectation I thought it was a resounding success My biggest complaint is that it should be about 2 bigger in every dimension and include about 400 pages There are so many amazing gardens from Texas California it can incite serious envy if you live someplace where the climate is less favorable There is also some focus on Portland OR gardens mostly the section on edible gardens community The photos are big and glossy which is good since these contemporary gardens are so lovely and inspirational The people who are profiled are interesting and creative Orr doesn t hesitate to call out strange things and answer uestions For example a lady has recycled computer motherboards hanging as a screen in her garden We re all wondering don t you worry about leaching and heavy metals and stuff in your lovely garden We re not growing tomatoes or anything edible under them she says So I don t think it would be any better to send them to China so that they could be burnt I think they are fine being used here since absolutely nobody wants to deal with them The gardens represent what I consider the best of tomorrow s landscaping possibilities native plants water smart plants edible perennials annual food gardens creative recycling that doesn t look like a unkyard and beautiful outdoor spaces where people live Chickens and beehives are part of the landscape but not a single one of these gardens looks like a barn yard Food bearing crops are tucked into the majority of the gardens There is a focus on soil building smart plant choices and organic gardening And it s beautiful For anyone who thinks that an ornamental garden can t be sustainable or a sustainable garden can t be beautiful this is your comeuppance For anyone who loves and believes in beautiful productive organic sustainable gardens this book will make you happier than a pig in shit This is a glossy hardcover book the kind I never ever buy and yet I feel strangely that I need to own this one The book is divided to help with landscape design material considerations and food producing effortsPart I Garden Where You LiveConsider spatial design hardscaping elements utility weather climate location plantsPart II Consider the MaterialsPros cons examples of the use of gravel stone steel faux lawns and recycledrepurposed materialsPart III Edible Gardens CommunityGrowing food at home chickens livestock in the city shared spaces yard sharing community gardens gardening the street parking strips a small sample of some of the projects people profiled in the bookEmmanuel Donval Farm Store Portland wwwurbanfarmstorecomEagle St Rooftop Farm rooftopfarmsorgGrowing Power s Art on the Farm potager Community Garden Association communitygardenor. Gardens filled with traditional and exotic plants that are designed with both visual appeal and the environment in mindWith detailed case studies stunning photographs and an appendix of resources and information tohelp gardeners achieve their ecological best Tomorrow's Garden will teach you the true definition of sustainability and show you how to create beauty without excess in the 21st century and beyond.

Erent parts of the country It felt like reading a long string of articles from House and Garden or Sunset or some other interesting gardening magazine I appreciated his approach of finding semi normal gardeners not people who do everything perfectly Good balance between aesthetics and functionality edible and ornamental gardening Title is very appropriate these are great design ideas and inspiration for thinking about ways to create sustainable gardens Much of the design is on the higher end but not exclusively and there is much that could be taken and used by those of us without much of a design budget Loved the chapter on raising livestock in the city including the discussion on the trend s backlash and I learned a lot about the sustainability of gravel too which I did not expect The book itself is handsome but the information is applicable to a fairly focused audience city dwellers or wealthier urbanites The majority of the book consists of case studies of gardens in California LA Venice New York Austin Portland and Nantucket not exactly a representative sample of likely locations for a wide audience However for those who fall within this book s focus it has some very helpful resources websites contact information for the landscape designers whose work is pictured therein I was disappointed to find that the book was devoted mostly to case studies for people wealthy enough to afford professional services landscape architects horticulturists etc or who live in cities which already have established community garden groups this book was less about how to create your own forward looking garden than here are some pictures of gardens which I think represent the trend towards future gardens It was a lengthy series of interviews with people who already had gardens and listed several of the plants and their latin names which were used and some of the materials somewhat helpful but was still of a narrative travelogue than a well ordered curriculum for gardening mindfully in the future One thing I did appreciate was that the author made a distinction between responsible gardens that are purposed for aesthetic appeal and those that are purposed for production but which also admittedly may have a certain aesthetic appeal Also the author is apparently gay and seemingly than half of his interviewees are also gay which might bother some readers ust an FYI If you are looking for a text that will delve into the principles of design or provides a curriculum for here s how you can do the same you had probably better look elsewhere It gives topical treatment on those subjects and refers to to other resources online for a information I waited for this book with baited breath and gushing enthusiasm even though I expected to be sorely disappoin. Vises gardeners to think about their gardens as part of an interconnected whole with the surrounding environment with an eye to water usage local ecology and preservation of resources However for those who are afraid that a sustainable garden means a lack of flora and fauna Orr believes that a garden first and foremost should be a thing of beauty He encourages flower lovers to plant flowers and he showcases.