John Lloyd: QI: The Third Book of General Ignorance: Qi: Quite Interesting (Qi: Book of General Ignorance 3)

Ointment I just have a read and it s just great for that and you learn things too If this book was actually longer then it would be a five star review because it s ntertaining informative and fun But about the 75% mark it nds The remaining 25% is bumph basically references and the legal stuff And ven if it was the full length it would still be too shortAnd because of that it s poor value for money This is specially so because all of the leg work has been completed for the TV show which this follows so there is very little additional work that has to be done for this book There are ot. And show why when it comes to general knowledge none of us knows anything at allWho invented the sandwich What was the best thing before sliced bread Who.

This book is full of uirky and interesting facts you won t know or have ven thought off Rather like a book of fascinating facts for those who were not generally ignorant about the contents Some interesting stuff You read it and think to yourself that you will remember some of the information but by the time you have turned the page a few times you forget what youve actually read A good book and an njoyable poolside readSame as all the other i books of General Ignorance Great for passing time and interesting you learn lots of fun facts I ve got on Kindle so when I m waiting for an app. The Third Book of General Ignorance gathers together 180 uestions both new and previously featured on the BBC TV programmes popular General Ignorance round.

Her general knowledge books out I purchased the kindle version of theis book with my unlimited account The book is full of facts that were used in the I program However in the book it goes into detail about ach interesting fact At times I felt that the depth of detail was a little too deep and went on too long to fill out a third book of IIf there is a fourth yes I would get it in the hope that it is like the program and lighthearted this feels like a downgraded ncyclopedia Just a wonder book Very interesting Full of uirky and interesting facts It s I in book form What s not to like. First ate frogs legs Which cat never changes its spots What did Lady Godiva do What can you legally do if you come across a Welshman in Chester after sunse.

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