Dave Jamieson: Mint Condition: How Baseball Cards Became an American Obsession

This book is indispensable for anyone who collects baseball cards I was pleasantly surprised at how well written Mint Condition is the result of Jamieson being both a professional journalist and a knowledgeable collector As a former newspaper editor myself I have no patience for boring writers but there were no dull sections in Mint Condition My only uibble There should have been a few paragraphs explaining why it s okay to restore an old painting or a vintage automobile but its not okay to clean trim smooth or otherwise improve the condition of a vintage baseball card For that matter coin collectors have never adeuately explained to me why it s taken for ranted that cleaning or whizzing a coin lowers its value I would love an updated commentary in light of the 2012 Black Swamp Find What a well researched and nicely written book I ve been collecting baseball cards since the. An entertaining history of baseball cards An engaging book on a narrow but fascinating topic TheWashington Post When award winning journalist Dave Jamiesons parents sold his childhood home a few years ago he rediscovered a prized boyhood possession his baseball card collection Now was the time to cash in on the investments of his youth But all the card shops had closed and cards were selling for next to nothing online What had happened In Mint Condition his fascinating eye opening endlessly entertaining book Jamieson find.

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Portant things was I Never Danced with an Eggplant (on a Streetcar Before) getting all the Minnesota Twins or Washington Senators to complete my late 1950s and early 1960s team sets The author seems to be on the same wavelength so if you are too you ll likely enjoy this book And it was very cool to discover the origins of the 1962 Civil War News set and see some of the unused card designs that Topps came up with over the years Wow if you want to be schooled in the history of baseballtrading cards from their inception tobacco cards Cracker Jack cards bubbleum cards etc this book will have you mesmerized The history of cards is well described in chronological order so its provides a smooth transition from one Weaving Memory generation to the next from vintage cards through the Junk Wax era to the modern day We highly recommend you read Mint Condition if you enjoy the hobby andor collect baseball cards ineneral This book will not disappoint you. In the eighties and nineties cards went through a spectacular bubble becoming a billion dollar a year industry before all but disappearing surviving today as the rarified preserve of adult collectors Mint Condition is charming original history brimming with colorful characters sure to delight baseball fans and collectors Jamieson explores the history of card collecting through an entertaining cast of characters For anyone who can recall being excited to rip open their newest pack of cards Mint Condition is a treat Forbes.

1970s and I learned a lot reading this page turner I d recommend it for anyone who s interested in the hobby Interestingly the author comes to the same conclusion I reached about the baseball card industry over a decade ago It needs to o back to the way it was with fewer sets fewer insert cards and cheaper prices And bring back the bubble um and cardboard Really really enjoyed this book from beginning to end I ve been collecting baseball cards for about forty years and almost everything in this book was new to me The author First Steps to Wealth goes all the way back to the beginning and traces the hobby to the present day inreat detail NIce overview of how baseball cards came to be and the collapse of the collectors market after the excesses of the 1990s I stopped collecting in the 1980s but even then it was into it for the collecting and nostalgia than any notion of investing For me the im. S the answer by tracing the complete story of this beloved piece of American childhood Picture cards had long been used for advertising but after the Civil War tobacco companies started slipping them into cigarette packs as collectors items Before long the cards were wagging the cigarettes In the 1930s cards helped um and candy makers survive the Great Depression In the 1960s royalties from cards helped transform the baseball players association into one of the countrys most powerful unions dramatically altering the ame.

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