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Expecting a type of Halo Technical Manual the way they use to make for Star Trek ships Dorsal view ventral view fore and aft port and starboard with measurements and lots of arrows pointing to stuff and information about that stuff NOPE You get the gray bar of soap two or three arrows and some really lame information Plus so many missing ships and vehicles Hey HALO ou could have done much better Large book with some very cool illustrations and information but not uite up to the standards of other Sci fi technical or cross section booksThe good This is a large book with massive images and illustrations as well as loads of technical information about ships and technology The cross sections that are here are well drawn and reveal interesting information There are also loads of ships not shown in game before like the ORS Heavy Cruiser from Halo Fleet Battles The book contains fun background information on ship development as well as the history and technology of the various factions of the Halo universe Every major ship or station is on display from the Pillar of Autum and In Amber Clad to High Charity and the Forerunner KeyshipThe bad There are fewer cross sections than I would have liked Less than half the book contain actual cross sections most pages contain obviously computer rendered models of ships with little surface detail no cross section and less information about them I was a little disappointed by these pages in comparison to what I got from the cross sections I would have loved to see every ship in cross section rather than just main ships The cross sections themselves also have a bit less information compared to most of the Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections books although what is there is still cool and this is a minor complaint Finally I would have expected all major vehicles usable in Halo to appear in detailed cross section at a minimum but we are lacking things like the Pelican Warthog or Banshee in cross sectionConclusion I do feel the good much outweighs the disappointments and the content in this book is very interesting to any Halo or sci fi fan I would still recommend it What The Legendary Unicorn you get is great But when compared to some other Cross Section books there s a little disappointment over whatou don t get Even so I enjoyed this book plenty especially for the price I paid Around 15 USD and hope science fiction brands follow suit We need books in this style out ther. Wang Glenn Israel and Jay ProchaskaAdditional artwork by Carlos Naranjo and Tyler JeffersForeword by Frank O'Connor Halo Franchise Creative DirectorCover art by Sparth Art Director for Halo 5 GuardiansWritten by Kenneth Peters Halo Franchise Writer.

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S and illustrations for almost everything in their universe I d like to see maybe a volume 2 or something with even details If Meeting the Living God you are expecting something like the Star Wars versionou will be very disappointed Each category has primarily one ship and at most two I really hope they make another one and make it in depth with all the ship s in Halo not one ship per category Also the cross sections weren t the greatest especially for the Covenant ships All in all I would recommend it but it was really disappointing Warfleet was really hyped up by the people I knew in the Halo community and for 16 dollars I snatched it up immediately However it had some real disappointments the majority of the ships are computer models instead of cross sections and unfortunately it s lacking most of the UNSC s and the Covenant s famous andor coolest ships The Marathon Class the Valiant Class the Orion Class the Punic Class the Paris Class the Hillsborough Class the Diligence Class the Charon Class are all missing And many of the Covenant s ships are missing as well such as some we ve never seen before like the DDS Class or the legendary Covenant FrigateI really wish they would have put in and done it all in cross sections or painted work not used the 3D models But for what s there it s totally worth the money for what it contains The Pillar of Autumn cross section is stunning It is a little shorter than I expected It has some beautifully drawn cross sections of the major ships in the universe The Pillar of Autumn Infinity Truth and Reconciliation and Shadow of Intent but it lacks the level of depth that I was hoping for Many images are just computer renderings showing the basic shape of the ship with little to no detail that ou would expect from a cross section book I still enjoy the detail as a huge fan of the Halo Universe but I would have liked to see of the vessels that are less know It is a large book so the images are huge and some are detailed Very disappointing No where near the level of the Star Wars cross section books The biggest disappointment was in the gray scale view of the ships The few pages shown for advertising show beautifully rendered ships either as paintings or computer graphics but the sad reality is that 80% of the ships in this book are gray scale Which means very little detail The ships all look like gray bars of soap There are much better images onlineI was honestly. Y and Shadow of Intent Discover encyclopedic information which reveals the secrets of Covenant UNSC and Forerunner weapons sensors fighters planets and Illustrated by renowned artists Hans Jenssen John R Mullaney Isaac Hannaford Darren Bacon Shi Kai.

Honestly a great book for any serious or casual fan While there wasnt a huge amount of detail for a lot of the ships and some things were changed in canon it still made for a very interesting read Still doesnt explain the Halo CE warthog run Amazing detail and breakdown behind the spacecraft of halo Goes into major depth of lore with each craft and it s design and capabilities in the halo universe Good product This is a great book for fans of Halo who care about the lore of ships from the franchise As a fan myself there was plenty of information on ships both seen in and outside of the main games that enjoyed reading The cut away illustrations are really impressive and highly detailed The 3D models of all the other ships are also good however I wish they were a little detailed I could tell one of the models in the book was the same asset used in the cutscenes for H2A but granted it is a good modelDespite these small nitpicks however I am really glad a book like this exists and would recommend it to any fellow fan of sci fi ships or Halo This is a surprisingly large book which allows a good degree of detail for illustrations There s some basic untextured 3d rendered pics but lots of proper illustrations of some of the iconic ships of the UNSC the Covenant and Forerunner Nicely printed and with lots of well written copy from 343 Industries Lots to learn and enjoy even for veteran Halo fans and well worth a look As many who have already said this book skimps out on a lot of possible detail by copying and pasting simple 3 D grayscale renders in lieu of actual cross sections Not to mention some displays have very little information or lore attached to them The cross sections especially the pillar of autumn cross section are very well illustrated I appreciated never before seen information such as the Forerunner ships called Dragoons I was a bit disappointed in the lack of the ships I wanted to see the most completely missing from the book I feel like Lore fans would have loved to see a cross section of things like a CSO super carrier or a Forerunner fortress class especially because they ve never actually been shown only described I like that this book is a step in the right direction in terms of reference material for the Halo Universe but I can t help but feel like it s just a bit lacking compared to star wars and star trek material which is super in depth and has description. Halo Warfleet is the official authoritative guide to spacecraft in the Halo universe featuring ten intricately detailed full color cross sections of the franchise's most renowned ships including the Pillar of Autumn Truth and Reconciliation Infinit.

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