Wil Haygood: Tigerland: 1968-1969: A City Divided, a Nation Torn Apart, and a Magical Season of Healing

Ntext of the times I hope he continues to give us and thanks to Knopf for publishing Wil Haygood skillfully weaves 1960 central Ohio culture and a primer on the civil rights movement into this captivating story of an all black high school glory on the basketball court This is a very good read and is very timely with current events 2020 One thing learned is that Wil Haygood can write He has numerous other books published as well I attended East High School in the 1970 s and reading this book brought back so many memories As a historically black high school East was always held in high esteem in Columbus and I am proud to be an alumni of this wonderful school The sports teams and band were great as Akes us eep into the personal lives of these local heroes At the same time he places the Tigers story in the context of the racially charged sixties bringing in such national figures as Jackie Robinson Martin Luther King Jr and Richard Nixon all of whom had a connection to the teams and a irect effect on their mythical season.

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The book is titled Tigerland about Columbus East High School s amazing achievement of winning both a state championship in basketball and baseball in 1969 It is much A history of Columbus Ohio and the nationGreat read if you lived in Columbus most of your life but knew little about its history This book was about my husband s high school uring the year he graduated I knew all of the people listed in the book It was a great and informative read An excellent read that incorporates sports with cultural history I Miss Shumway Waves a Wand didn t want to put itown I The Touch don t know how I missed this book Beautiful story well written great picture of 1968 69 and a better picture of race relations than any I have read in a long tim. Against the backdrop of one of the most tumultuous periods in recent American history as riots andemonstrations spread across the nation the Tigers of poor segregated East High School in Columbus Ohio On His Majestys Service did something no team from one school had everone before they won the state basketball and baseball championships in the sam.

E plus they won the title Tigerland is a beautifully written history of not only two teams at East High School and not just Columbus Ohio It uses those settings to paint a powerful historical narrative about race in America in the 1960 s and into the 1970 s I love the bookIn a recent visit to Coulmbus I made my way to East High School and its neighborhood It was like I personally entered the pages of the book I found the Hang Over Easy to be a great spot for pictures and memorabilia And now a bunch of Uber Different Class drivers know all about Tigerland Will Haygood continues to mesmerize the reader with his story telling abilities Heeftly weaves the stories of a number of people and puts their stories in the co. E year They The Essential Good Food Guide defeated bigger richer whiter teams across the state and along the way brought blacks and whites together eased a painful racialivide throughout the state and overcame extraordinary obstacles on their road to success In Tigerland Wil Haygood gives us a spirited and stirring account of this improbable triumph and