Sexo. Alessandra te lo cuenta todo / Sex: Alessandra Tells All

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Y diversa Altamente recomendado. Nd initiate a threesome with our partner Sex is a fundamental part of a relationship whether stable or casual This book discusses topics like the body and its erogenous zones orgasms anal and oral pleasure lesbian and gay sex tantric sex and sex toys and sexual development from the time we are young until the time we are grown How do we update our sexuality during the era of Tinder when sexuality seems to have been liberated in certain aspects but maintains certain taboos and rules that make us less fulfilled and less happy Through reflections and advice Alessandra helps us conduct a self evaluation of our relationships to see if we can strengthen the link between sexuality and confidenceWith color data and uestions the author takes us along a path of fun and profound reflections to help develop our sexual encounters A warm intelligent proactive bo. ´ 5 Read

E libro de lectura liviana y mu. Ciertos tabes y corset ue nos vuelven menos plenos y felicesMediante reflexiones y consejos Alessandra nos ayuda a hacer una autoevaluacin de nuestras relaciones para ver si podemos potenciar el vnculo desde la sexualidad y la confianzaCon datos de color y preguntas la autora nos hace recorrer un camino de divertidas y profundas reflexiones para hacer crecer nuestros encuentros sexuales Un libro clido inteligente proactivo y genial ENGLISH DESCRIPTIONThis book which compiles the best of Alessandra helps us rethink our link with our own body and another persons and allows us to learn to strengthen it if we feel fulfilled and improve it if we feel stuckWhy are there still aspects of sexuality that we dont feel like exploring How can we enjoy ourselves fully What happens with relationships after years of living together What should we do to propose

Good book Good book Excelent. Este libro ue rene lo mejor de Alessandra nos ayuda a repensar nuestro vnculo con nuestro propio cuerpo y con el otro y nos permite aprender a potenciarlo si nos sentimos plenos y mejorarlo si nos sentimos estancadosPor u todava hay aspectos de la sexualidad ue no nos animamos a explorar Cmo hacer para disfrutar ms plenamente u pasa con las relaciones luego de aos de convivencia Cmo hacemos para proponer e iniciar un tro con nuestra parejaEl sexo es parte fundamental de la pareja ya sea una estable o casual Este libro recorre temas como el cuerpo y sus zonas ergenas orgasmos placeres anales y orales sexo lsbico y homosexual sexo tntrico y uguetes sexuales y los ciclos del sexo desde ue somos peueos hasta ue crecemos Cmo actualizar nuestra sexualidad en tiempos de Tinder cuando la sexualidad parece haberse liberado en ciertos aspectos pero mantiene.

Born in San Juan Puerto Rico Alessandra first began her career as a practicing clinical sexologist counseling individuals families and children Alessandra was educated in the United States and holds a BA from Loyola University and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the United States International University USIU” now “Alliant International University” in San Diego California As a graduate of the prestigious “Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality” based in San Francisco California Alessandra holds degrees and certifications in the fields of Sex Education Clinical Sex Therapy Erotic Studies Prevention of Sexual Diseases and Reconstruction of Sexual Attitudes